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Living for the weekend(s)!

Boy have I ever been slacking here. My laptop is ancient and just annoys the crap out of me so I rarely go on it which is the only place I really write an entry.

I did write an entry and forgot to post it so rather than delete all that passionate writing I will post most of it here (ps it wasn't really passionate).

Re-cap March 17th Weekend

So last weekend I actually had a jam packed weekend of fun. Unfortunately most of it was without Keith cause he was tres ill. He had a cold and it sure knocked him on his ass. But I miraculously did not get sick! Friday I was off and C and I went on our next adventure (our first was a salt cave experience last year), this was a Float room experience. Floating on a crap load of Epsom salts. It was a pretty awesome experience. I am digging these adventures with C. I don’t know if T feels left out or not but C and I have a similar life – married with no kids. We also have full time jobs Monday to Friday only with decent hours. Our time is pretty much our own as our husbands both work pretty similar hours. Wow I didn’t realize how much we have in common. Huh. Too bad she hates drinking so much!
Anywho that was my Friday during the day. My neighbour, if you remember, was having a book club meeting that I was invited to. Well I couldn’t manage to nail down the book and on Thursday had emailed her backing out. Then half an hour later the library notifies me that the book is now in. Except I didn’t have my library card on me. So I called the library and they let me pick it up with photo id. So I went on a 24 hour read-a-thon. I was thisclose to finishing it but was shy a few chapters by the time book club started at 7pm. Now if I had come later around 7:45 like everyone else I would have actually finished the book. But not a big deal as I found out as most people there hadn’t finished it! I felt better and had fun. Pretty much everyone left around 10pm and I stayed to chat with DM my neighbour (she needed initials). Next thing I know it’s 1:30 in the morning! And I wasn’t even drinking! I ran home (a whole 50 steps) and went to bed!

Saturday I got up and after Keith went to nap I went to the gym (I know!). Afterwards I pretty much slacked off til 3:30 when I was due at my neighbours for her fondue party. I sort of knew it was St Pat’s day themed but did not wear any green nor wear any paraphanalia except for my green glasses with my little orange mustache (shew I didn’t look like a total slacker). It was a fun time and the fondue was tasty. Keith was still too sick to attend so he got plenty of rest and stuck to tea and soup. I again stumbled home around 1:30am and this time I did have a few drinks!

Sunday Keith was finally feeling better so we were able to go to our nephews bday party on his side – he was turning 3. There were over 10 kids under 6 there and no it wasn’t a kids party. Crazy. We stayed just until they were getting ready to serve dinner. Yeah they are going to think we hate their cooking but we just can’t stay for din and dessert. As it was by the time we got home it was already Keith’s bedtime. But at least we got to see everyone as we missed the last party in January.


As for this past weekend it was another fun filled one and for once I'm not being sarcastic! Saturday I was up for 8am and went to the maple syrup festival. I met up with C and then eventually T and her fam. We all walked around for a bit and called it a day around 11:00. I headed back to my car where I stopped at a gift shop and dropped some moola I hadn't expected to spend (good deals). Then I drove home and since Keith was napping I jumped into my gym gear and headed there. I spent the afternoon with Keith just hanging out and then at 5 T came and picked me up and we headed to a bachelorette party (it was about a half hour drive).

Yah I didn't know the bachelorette, T did (sort of - her husband's side of the family). I was going as they had an extra ticket for the thunder down under male dancers show. I made sure I had a few drinks by the time we left as nobody should go to these shows sober! The only issue was none of us - 20 or so sat together - we were all scattered throughout - and there were at least 500 to 1000 people - I can't even go there. T and I stood off to the side with our very expensive drinks until security made us find our seats - turns out I was super close in row F with an end seat which means I got to be manhandled a couple times. See? Never go sober. Once it was over T and I somehow found each other but nobody else. What else could we do but ditch them?

Yah we found a cab with a few other random girls - 6 women crammed into a small cab - fun times. T and I ended up downtown and went to a couple bars where we hung out til about 1am and then headed back to the house where everyone was still awake and kind of pissed with us. I felt sort of bad but not really. They all had this giant t-shirt exchange that they made for each other and T I weren't in on it so we would have sat there watching them have fun and carry on that whole time? Um no. Finally at 4am everyone started drifting off to bed and I slept pretty soundly for a small air mattress on a concrete floor in a cold basement. T felt pretty brutal when we woke up but I was surprisingly a-ok - probably because I stopped drinking once we got back to the house.

And now this is long enough so I am going to end it. Coming up next time will be fun with basement renovations! (Spoiler: not all it's cracked up to be)

9:06 p.m. - 2017-04-04


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