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Let's see - what's been going on? I just got home from a weekend visiting my parents for mother's day. I left Keith at home. He wanted/needed to work on the basement. Friday night I went to book club - my 2nd and it was a damn depressing book - based on a young couple in Afghanistan written by a journalist. I was SO happy to hear nobody else liked it. It was depressing and made me damn angry. Part of me is glad that I was educated about what it is like over there but the other part of me was like WTF I read to escape life! Reading for me is a pleasure thing. It's my very favourite past time. So yah that was taken away from me. The previous book club - and my first was at my neighbours and we had a small shower for a woman who was having a baby. We all gave her a children's book. She was at the book club this time but I learned moments before walking in the door that she had given birth to a stillborn 5 weeks earlier. Man. She was so stoic though. She even showed us pictures of him as they now have photographers who come in and do a photoshoot with the parents. Heart breaking.

I didn't get home til after 11 from this book club so my evening plans of washing clothes and packing got thrown out the window. Instead I was in bed and asleep for midnight. I left the next morning around 10:30 to visit my parents. I had a pretty good time with them! We had lunch and then went out for a while before making our way back home to have dinner and play 3 games of scrabble. The rest of the household got home around 10pm as they were at a blue jay's game in a private box that apparently cost like $10,000 as my sil's brother threw his wife a surprise 50th party. He flew in several of her family members and put everyone up in hotels the night before. Yah he makes a LOT of money. CEO type jobs I hear.

Anywho I got to see the nephews today and hang out with them before I headed home after lunch. We were supposed to have a bbq after church but while they were all away watching the ball game their fridge died. My parents and I rescued all the food and brought half it over to her mom's place. So we went out for lunch instead and had chinese. We've been going to this place for years - decades even - and none of us can understand the lady that runs it. It's all I can do not to laugh as we all stare comically at each other to see if anyone understood enough to answer her.

My drive home was long but I did stop for an hour or so and shop so that made it better. I bought a pair of work out pants that are name brand and I hated how much I paid but the last time I bought these brand they lasted me like a decade and I loved them. Although sadly I had to buy them in the men's section because the women's only carried leggings in not my size - and this was a huge warehouse type building - wth??

Probably should wrap this up as I need to get to bed for work tomorrow. At least it's a 4 day week! Last week was a 5 but at least it was broken up with a 2 day cpr course!

Just for recordings sake I should mention that I went to S's b-day party last weekend. Keith even went with. He got a nap before we left which means he's usually good til 9 or 10 but he made it to 1am!! Insane. We went to a bar around 9 and watched S's guy and 2 others perform for the evening - it was pretty fun! We got back around 12 and Keith got a 2nd wind. I was kind of worried cause not only did he look super tired but we were given the 'real' bed so Keith could go to sleep while the rest of us stayed up and partied. I was like dude if you don't go to bed before everyone else they are going to make us take the crappy pool floaties to sleep on in the dining room! Luckily for him he went to bed a good hour before the rest of us - shew!

So I did end up finding a pair of sandals for my orthotics - I find out tomorrow when I call them if it worked - they told me it would but I'm sceptical til the end! The sandals btw were only $55 so that was awesome - also why I'm worried it won't work out!

9:47 p.m. - 2017-05-14


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