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In my drafts folder this was written May 25th:

I am drinking way too much coffee this week. An XL in the morning (tim's of course) and a LG in the afternoon (again tim's). Even for me this is a lot. But I don't care. I like it. Can't say the same for the toll on my body but it's good to shake things up once in a while or at least that's what I'm choosing to believe. Plus I need the extra caffeine. I've been going to bed late (for me) every night. Monday night it was hard to sleep as I was coming off a 4 day weekend (more on that), Tuesday night we had celebrated Keith's birthday out with some friends at a restaurant and then back to our neighbours for a nightcap that had us stumbling home (sans shoes) at 11 (poor Keith still hasn't recovered from the mess of his sleep schedule), then last night I stayed up to watch the Survivor finale (in secret shhh don't tell Keith). So yah these eyelids don't so much like being open during the day this week. Oh and I'm glad I chose Survivor over the dirty dancing remake which I heard was horrendous and I just spent my lunch hour with tears running down my face reading how horrible it really was.

So my extra long weekend. 4 days. Per-fect. Just being off work made it so. Friday I had a massage and then took myself out for a bit of shopping and lunch afterwards. Saturday Keith and I drove out and picked up his mom and took her to our favourite antique warehouse. We warned her there's a lot of walking and very little sitting. She seemed to really enjoy it. And she bought a HUGE cradenza that just barely fit into the back of her vehicle (she asked if I could drive us in her car I think so she could smoke). There was actually so little room left that um we had to leave Keith there. Physically we had to drive off without him. He walked to a nearby tim's and sat there for 2.5 hours while I drove his mom home, unloaded her stuff, got in my car and then drove and picked him up. It's funny now and luckily at the time nobody was upset or put out about it - it's life and life happens. Same as our losing 2 deep freezers (did I mention that?). Sunday I spent the afternoon with T and her daughter we went swimming and then went to the Mall with the rest of the world (crazy busy). Fun day though. Monday was spent doing noooooothing - well until Keith went to bed then I got busy baking birthday cupcakes and wrapping his gift.

So it was a good weekend and I got very little exercise and ate way too much food. I did get a couple long walks in, no wait I only got one walk in - ha - I was going to last night but then it began to rain and I chose to call it a night and stay in and not go to the gym either. At least my tv shows are over for the season which for some reason I feel is going to help me be more productive!

Keith being typical Keith didn't show much emotion for his birthday gift - he is a man of few words an few emotions. I've learned that he really does like things I give him he just doesn't vocalize it like I do. Marriage always a joy. We're going to a restaurant next Tuesday evening in Toronto where we will eat in the dark. Should be interesting. Afterwards we will be staying at the hotel in the same building which will be nice as there is a pool and gym to keep people who don't go to bed at 7pm entertained! Then hopefully Wednesday we will putz around for the day before heading home.

About a week ago to the day I heard about an accident on the radio that was near Keith's parents so basically in the middle of nowhere in the country. It stuck with me cause that area is not well known. It was a 2 car collision with a pick up truck running a stop sign and woman of 67 the passenger died as the result of the accident. I found out on the weekend that it was my brother in law in the pick up. One of Keith's sister's husband. Nobody is really saying much about it and so far no charges have been laid. Scary stuff. One of my worst nightmares as driving in the country at night makes me nervous.

10:57 p.m. - 2017-05-29


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