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Restless and tired is there anything more annoying than that? I think not. I "want" to be productive, I "want" to go to the gym, I "want" to do 'something'! But I lack the motivation or more honestly the energy. I mean I did just get back a couple hours ago from having fun over the last couple days. Poor me - haha.

Tuesday Keith and I headed to Toronto around mid afternoon - after having a fight about garbage bags yes a yelling fight - I won. Anyway I drove us there in the sunny/now rainy/sunny/now rainy weather. We got there about 2:30 which was just before the real chaos of traffic was about to begin but busy enough that I still had to white knuckle it a few times - there are many questionable intersections in that town. We checked in and after a little while I left Keith to take a nap while I headed downstairs to the laughable fitness room. It was the tiniest room ever with 2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, 1 maybe an elliptical from 1980 and one stationary bike. Crowded. I worked out for about half an hour and then I said screw it and went and got changed into my bathing suit where I swam for the next half hour or so. Or floated but regardless I was in water. I headed back up to the room when Keith text me he was up.

At 5:30 we headed downstairs to where the restaurant I had conveniently made reservations for was at. After checking in we looked at the menu. Now this is the restaurant where you eat in the dark. Pitch black. The servers are blind. You could order off the menu or do a 'surprise' for either your appetizer, entree or dessert or all 3. Keith chose all 3. I wimped out and did 2 out of 3. I chose my dessert - chocolate cake. I was worried I would get some kind of lemony dessert and end the meal on a bad note.

So let me just say that I thought this was an interesting thing to do and a brilliant idea for Keith's birthday. After putting in our orders we were brought to a door and told to shut off our cell phones and anything else that might light up. Then I had to put my hand on the waitress' shoulder and Keith put his hand on mine. We entered 2 doors and then it was BLACK. Just BLACK. We were shown to our small table and helped into our chairs and were left while the waitress went and got others to enter the room. This is where I may have began to lose it.

I could feel my chest tightening and my breath was coming quickly. I had to convince my body not to get up and try and find a way out. I know I flirt around with being claustrophobic in airplanes or small spaces but I did not think I would have an issue being in the dark. I did. I forced myself to slow my breathing and Keith held my hand across the table and I just calmed down. I did spend most of the time sitting forward in my seat and not relaxed like I normally would in a restaurant. I mean my eyes/head hurt from straining in the DARK. There was one very annoying person that had on something like a fit bit that lights up when you tap it - she was tapping it a lot whether by accident or not I don't know. It didn't illuminate the room or anything just these 4 to 6 lights flashed very occasionally.

Our meals were interesting. I chose the seafood surprise appetizer which was calamari I believe. I didn't eat it all because it sort of squigged me out even though it tasted okay. Keith had some sort of beef and goat cheese dish which was de-lish - we gave each other bites (not easy to do in the dark!). For our entrees we both had the surprise which turned out to be very - very tender pork (we had no idea it was pork) with mashed potatoes and long green beans. The meal was excellent. The potatoes were the hardest thing to eat in the dark. For dessert was my chocolate cake and ice cream in a dish - now that was hard to eat in the dark and Keith had cheese cake - his favourite as a surprise so he was really happy. We finished and were sitting for a couple minutes when the waitress came by to see if we were done and once we confirmed it she asked if we were ready to leave or did we want to spend a few more minutes sitting and talking. Yah I answered pretty fast for both of us that we were ready to leave. Stepping out into the dimmed hallway (smart move on their part) I had never felt so appreciative for my sight! I am so glad we experienced it but I doubt I would do it again. Maybe if a group of people were going and the chatter could keep my mind off it but just the two of us again? Been there done that and had the expensive bill to show for it!

After our dinner we walked outside - me more to appreciate my gift of sight. But we did end up taking a little stroll in the neighbourhood we were in, making a stop at a candy store and then heading back to our hotel. We then changed into our lounging clothes and had a couple drinks while hanging out and rubbing each others feet. Keith made it to 10pm and I was so tired that I joined him when he went to bed. I only wish the bed was more comfortable but I did manage to sleep with a sore neck and all.

Before checking out I managed to go for one more swim in the huge pool and then we left around 10:30 and headed to a large mall about half an hour away. We didn't leave that mall til about 2:30. It was a fun afternoon. A quick stop at costco and vv and then we were home for 4:15.

Now Keith is in bed. I'm lacking motivation and yawning loudly now. I tried reading but it doesn't hold my interest and cleaning/organizing is in the negatives. Ah well I have about an hour to kill then it will be time to call my mom at 9 and chat for a while and then I will head to bed.

At least when we ate our dinner tonight of a whole roasted chicken and greek salad I really appreciated what I was looking at while I ate it!

7:14 p.m. - 2017-05-31


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