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To brake or......not

It's been a crazy 24 hours. Yesterday I left home to meet T for swimming - we decided to meet early and thrift shop for a bit. As I pulled up to the stop sign outside the store my brake pedal went all the way to the floor and the car just barely stopped - aw shit!

While shopping we discussed the issue with each other and with our husbands. Keith couldn't do much as he was too far away and T's husband knows a hella lot about cars so he gave some advice.

I eventually ended up - stupidly - driving to T's. I say stupidly cause my brakes were bad and getting worse on that 15 minute drive thru the country hills. I did a lot of praying. I made it safe and sound but it was a dumb move on my part. I was naive about the whole brake thing. T's husband spent almost 2 hours working on my car and only then did it click - I have flipping CAA! Poor guy. It was 10:30 by this point so he stopped and went to bed and I decided to spend the night and call for a tow in the morning. I sent Keith a text letting him know - I felt bad as he keeps his phone basically off while sleeping but has me on the exception list so I knew it would wake him. But I didn't want him to wake up, not see me or my car there and think I was dead on the side of a highway. He said the text did wake him but he slept a lot better knowing I was safe (awwww).

My sleep was horrible as their house is just too damn creaky. I was up with the birds so whatever time they start singing. Once J left for work at 6ish I got up and called in to work citing my brake 'issue' and then sat around til T got up with her kid. Oh her kid btw was thrilled to pieces to see me show up the previous evening - she had to sit on my lap the whole time too. Then once she left the dog sneakily crawled up on my lap - it wasn't so sneaky as she weighs a ton. Good to know I was missed though!

The tow truck driver took 2 hours but he told me on Wednesday it was an 8 hour wait due to computer issues - so I was pretty grateful. He dropped my car off at the mechanic and then even drove me home which was super nice of him. My car won't be worked on til Monday or Tuesday so we will just have to get by with one for now - we've done it before. We are now in talks about our next car (in maybe a year or two) and how it will be a newer model. We should be able to afford something decent by then (please let me not just jinx myself there!).

So this past week I've been trying something different I've been going to the gym in the mornings before work! I've been voluntarily getting up at 6am and getting dressed, brushing my teeth and grabbing a banana on the way out the door to get there for 6:20. I mean only did it Mon, Tue and Thur so I can't really say how it's going but I am quite enjoying my free evenings which was the whole point. With it being so nice out and the sun out much later I find it so hard to go to a gym. I really want to keep this up for the summer and I hope I can. I started just this week because my core hours changed at work as they cancel our flex time and I'm back to 8:30 to 4:30 til September.

Alright my eyes are getting blurry. Poor Keith was upset when he got home from work and I held out my hand for the coffee he said he'd bring and he had forgot. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry - over coffee. Yah did I mention my lack of sleep and near death car experience? I pulled it together and stopped being suck a jerk to my husband and came up with a plan to go out (I had to anyway as I won't have a car tomorrow morning). Keith came with me and we shopped for a bit then got me a coffee on the route home and all was well.

Tomorrow we head up to visit my fam for father's day. T and I couldn't help but discuss how everything happens for a reason as we both were imagining if my brakes had gone while I was cruising down the 401 at 120km. Yah that put everything WAY into perspective!

10:13 p.m. - 2017-06-16


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