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Grapes saved my life

Another weekend done. It was a busy one but the most important thing was my dad and uncle had a good time at their party and will hopefully remember it fondly. He's turning 80 and my dad is turning 70

Keith and I headed up on Saturday afternoon, I was worried about traffic but for some reason the 401 was actually moving except for one small traffic jam at a fender bender but we made it there in good time. Of course just as we arrived my parents were leaving for a dinner engagement and my sil was going to bed shortly for work. But we hung out with my brother and nephews and had a pretty good night.

Sunday I was up at 7:30 as my brother was leaving to preach and my mom and dad were leaving as my dad was preaching at another church. Keith and I took the boys out for breakfast at Tim's - we grabbed our food and ate at a park across from the coffee shop. We kept the boys out til it was time to head back and wake up their mom and head to church.

After church we quickly started setting up for the party. Keith and I bought buns and all the fixings to make sandwiches to feed the 15 to 20 of us who were missing lunch to set up. I made the sandwiches while Keith decorated with the others. By 2 were all set up and people kept arriving all except for my dad and uncle. They arrived about 2:25.

My uncle was totally surprised and even though he said he didn't want a party he looked pretty damn happy. My dad wasn't surprised as he helped plan it but I think he was surprised at how many people were there and the whole size of it which was nice. Time flew after that and Keith and I had to leave at 4.

The drive home was horrible. That morning on the drive to church I told Keith my stomach was bugging me. It seemed to settle or else I just didn't really eat much til we left because on the drive home my stomach got worse and worse. The pain was quite bad. I drove us for 2 hours then had to pull over and get Keith to drive the last hour even though I knew he was tired. We got home at 7 and I immediately went straight to bed. It was a rough night. At 4am I called in sick to work. Emailed actually.

It was around then my stomach while still sore and not wanting food wanted something but just not anything, it was quite frustrating until I remembered the grapes I had brought with me to the party and then brought home as we didn't need them and I forgot to put them out. Turns out that is exactly what my stomach would accept. Juicy refreshing grapes. Who knew?

I sure hope I feel back to my old self tomorrow. So much for starting back at the gym this week!

7:24 p.m. - 2017-07-24


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