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A week of feeling like crap

So...those grapes that saved my life? Well that only lasted a very short time. After my last entry my stomach took another turn - a very painful turn. In fact I was off work all last week. I ended up going to a walk in clinic late Tuesday afternoon. The doctor pushed down on my stomach and I nearly jumped off the table as he pushed down on my upper right abdomen - he thought it might have been my gall bladder - he sent me for blood tests and an ultra sound.

I then read everything about gall bladders and everything seemed to fit. The pain - coming and going - especially if I ate - which wasn't very often as my appetite was nil. Plus the nausea. I slept a lot last week. I won't bore you with all the details because I did write 2 pages worth of it for my own notes in case this happens again.

I did feel better by Sunday - so a week later - and even managed to eat real food. Of course that evening everything went um flying thru me cause uh real food vs not eating means your body doesn't know what to do with all that stuff you are putting in it! So I had to call in sick Monday morning again. 6 days off work! I did finally get a call from the clinic telling me my tests were fine - no issues with the gall bladder. They told me to follow up with my doctor. Oh they did mention I had a fatty liver - which I already knew.

Fast forward to today when I went in to see my doctor and he was all like - yah I don't know. He didn't think it was gall bladder related but he couldn't say what it might have been. It's hard to tell a doctor just how much pain you were in, quite impossible actually. He basically said let's see if it ever happens again and we'll go from there. Which I'm okay with. I still think it was gall bladder related just from what I've read and what I went thru. Tuesday night (the day of the clinic visit) I nearly went to the ER because I was up in the middle of the night pacing and crying. I couldn't lay down, I couldn't sit down, I just couldn't get comfortable. I also felt like I was going to be sick. Eventually I fell into an exhausted sleep. It was a very rough week.

I had to cancel my plans last weekend. I was to go see a play that my friend wrote and starred in. I was quite upset to miss this. But they had such good reviews they may be performing it at other venues in the future. It's just a small production but still I am so glad it was such a success.

I had thought maybe my summer was going to be effed with this stomach thing but I am seem to be on the up and up - actually I would say I am 100% back to normal. I can eat what I want, have zero pain and went back to the gym for the first time in like 3 weeks. Since I cut out of work early for the dr appointment I made good use of my time and headed to the gym for a short workout. It was nice getting back there!

As for my weekend plans I am happy that the upcoming long weekend girls trip with my friend S is happening! I am heading down Saturday to pick her up and we are hitting the road to have some serious fun (I hope!). I'm going to drive this time even though I warned her I don't have AC - sure hope the weather co-operates. The heat we can handle but if it rains and it's hot - it gets steamy in my car!

Alright time to wrap up - got some big bro to watch before bed. Tomorrow is Friday!! And can I just say in all seriousness, that I am so happy to be back at work. I'd been pretty disillusioned with work lately and was less than happy to be there a lot of days but when you are sick and suffering suddenly work.....isn't such a bad place to be! Who knew?

9:30 p.m. - 2017-08-03


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