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I make lists for my......sanity?

I’m a list maker. I’ve mentioned this about a million and one times throughout this diary. I love making them. I will make a list of just about anything. Not only do they help me pack/buy/remember what it is I am doing but they are a way of preserving my sanity. Hear me out.
I make the majority of my lists while I am at work. As I sit at my desk job doing fairly important work – I mean I’m not defusing any bombs or anything but if I don’t work people don’t get money so I’d say that’s fairly important right? Well during the long, long work day I can literally feel my spirit being broken and beaten down. I like my job I do. But sometimes the ins and outs, the daily grind, the people you work with not doing their job properly (and getting away with it) well all that bullsh*t eventually gets to you and you can feel yourself sinking lower and lower. At one time I used to go and hash it out with my co-workers shoot the breeze and it would help pick my spirits up (it still does) BUT our organization has come so far with technology that they now have us tethered to our desks and leaving it even for short times is noted and well frowned upon. Where was I going with this again?

Oh right – lists! So since I can’t leave my desk and go and chat with co-workers I find another way to lift myself up – I think about the next event coming up in my life and then I, you guessed it, I start to make lists about it! What I need. What I will wear. What I need to buy/bring/make for it. And in those small moments of time – cause really I don’t spend hours on my lists – it raises my Spirit, gives me that glimmer of hope that there is life beyond these cubicle walls. I do try and not just live for the weekend but sometimes it is really really hard.

Speaking of weekends let’s talk about the one that just went by – a long weekend even! It was my girly road trip with S. Each time we do this I am still kind of in awe in how in sync we are. It’s helps we are both easy going and even though we have a rough outline of what we are doing we aren’t sticklers about keeping a schedule. We ebb and flow and we both love the hell out of water! That may be the single thing that bonds us the most. Put us on our floaties, stick us in water and we are content to float for hours. Literally.
Our weekend was totally awesome. Even the weather which was iffy totally cooperated when it had to. Saturday morning I picked her up and we hit the highway and spent about 7 hours getting to our 2 hour destination (lots of stops). Sunday was our designated beach day, it rained Saturday and it rained Monday but Sunday? Sunday was hot and dazzlingly beautiful. We enjoyed the hell out of our beach day!! I wrote about our getaway in my trip journal so I don’t have to go into boring agonizing detail here.

And now? Now I sit here making my list for this coming weekend. Saving my sanity!!

7:58 p.m. - 2017-08-08


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