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Unofficial end of summer

Going back to work after 2 weeks off is HARD. I am trying so hard to get into a positive mind set but it isn't really working. The work part I have come to terms with - getting back into routine will be good for me and having a break from my job helps me as I'm less stressed and have more patience (when I first come back anyway - long term I may want to look into yoga or meditation!). The part I'm dreading is an issue I"m having over my flex. I should have an answer in my overflowing email inbox tomorrow. If it's favourable (yay) but based on past discussions I highly doubt this outcome. If it's not favourable and it turns out I have to "fight" and go to my Union well that just sucks. I'm trying really hard not to worry about it. There's no point. I just have to 'shut it down' as I tell my mind when it wanders in that territory.

Alright enough shop talk. Let's talk about the last few days of vacation! I finally squared my shoulders, packed a bag and walked into the consignment shop! They were very nice and explained how it works and went over the details with me (there's even a contract you sign!) then they went thru the bag I brought - that for me was the worst - judgement time. Would they take anything? Well I brought 7 pieces and they took 4. It turns out they only take 4 pieces at a time and the girl suggested I come back the next day with the other few. That was stupid in my opinion and hey it cut into my R&R of vacation time so I just nodded but didn't go back. I will eventually when I have the time (but seriously couldn't they cut me a break as it was my first time??). They don't contact you if your stuff sells you can either call or go in after the 60 days and get your stuff if it didn't sell (or leave it and they put it on the clearance rack and/or ship it off and you get nothing). I'm just glad I finally did it!

Yesterday was T's party - end of summer bash. It was fun but quite sedated. Probably because there were so many kids running around. By 10:30 there were just 4 of us sitting around the fire. By 11 Keith and T's guy both went to bed leaving T and I by the fire. T's guy kept pressuring her to go to bed and Keith and I discussed it on our drive home, Keith was like "doesn't he realize you and T always have your girl time at the end of the night?". Right?? Men. But we did get our girl time but even we called it a night around midnight. I tossed and turned a lot and managed to get a meager 6 hours sleep. Turns out T's friend who spent the night in their tent with he boyfriend and 2 kids got up at 6am and had packed and left by 6:30! Um okay. Keith and I left around 10 o'clock. The last to arrive at the party and the last to leave!

I'm hoping I will fall asleep easily and early tonight. My body got quite used to going to bed at 12 and getting up at 9am on vacation. Not quite my work hours. Wish me luck for tomorrow morning!

Let's end this post on a positive note - this week is a 4 day work week (YA!). On Friday is my book club and I finished the book! It was a Maeve Binchy book (turns out I had read it years ago as a lot of it seemed familiar). And last but not least on Saturday I head to visit my friend S for an overnight visit!

6:49 p.m. - 2017-09-04


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