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It's my birthday! I had written an entry a few days ago and had it as a draft in my email - even though it's a bit outdated I was going to plunk it in here - rather than hit continue typing I hit the delete button - whoops - outdated entry gone!

I think I was just blathering on about my 'birthday month'. Last weekend I was visiting my friend S. We went to a local festival as well as had a small birthday party with some of her (our) friends. Their mining friend happened to be coming down for a visit that same weekend so it was nice seeing him again (we met once 4 years ago). He really does work down in a mine!

Today I am heading out shortly to go to a 'float room' and get my float on! After that is supposed to be lunch with my husband that hopefully involves lobster then tonight having dinner with C and T and maybe doing something afterwards but they are keeping me in the dark.

Next weekend I am going to see my parents and family for a little more celebrating. I truly do feel blessed. Oh and I do remember in the entry I deleted touching on how we celebrate people's birthdays when they really had nothing to do it! However I hypothesized that what we are really celebrating is the fact that that person is in our lives and we are happy that they are. I mean when I celebrate birthdays with my friends I'm really saying "I"m glad you are in my life". Yah I'm rushing my thought process right now cause I have to shove some cereal in my gob and head out the door shortly so I am not late for my float room!

Tomorrow Keith and I are heading to the Falls for a night away. A weekend of birthday FUN.

And the best part of my birthday? It started with my parents calling me to wish me a happy birthday. That in and of itself is the best birthday present I could get!

9:52 a.m. - 2017-09-15


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