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C'mon Fall weather!

Let's wrap up my birthday month shall we? That's right a whole month, I figure at 43 what the heck I deserve it lol.

My surprise event with C and T turned out to be something I never would have imagined. I met them at 6 for dinner and we ate and did gifts - they gave me socks, a mini dessert cook book and a birthday hat headband. After dinner we drove only 5 minutes away to a place that has mini putt and batting cages. It was neither of those. We went ax throwing! I was a little sceptical at first and wasn't sure how I felt about it but 5 minutes into it I was loving it! I wasn't good at it mind you but I hit the target more times than I missed so that was good. We had the area for an hour so all 3 of us went to town throwing our axes. C was the best out of all of us. I switched to a 2 handed throw right away as my left shoulder bothers me now and then. The next day T was sore but I wasn't so guess it worked.

I had a great weekend in the Falls with my hubby. We did some antiquing that weekend and a lot of roaming the country side. My weekend visiting my parents was great as well. We went to the local Fall fair and then that evening my family held a birthday party along with icecream cake. My 2 nephews were adorable they each made me a card, the 7 year old put a two dollar coin in it and the 5 year old put 7 cents in his. My brother tried to tell them I didn't need money the card was enough but they were insistent. I was definitely feeling the love!!

What I could have done without is the HEAT. It has been sweltering here. While we should be walking around in sweaters and warming our hands with coffee instead we are walking around in tank tops and shorts and drinking tons of water to not get heat stroke. Tomorrow is the first day we are supposed to have normal temps. I for one am very excited.

What I am not excited about? My cold. I woke up Monday with a sore throat. Tuesday I had no voice. This morning I woke up with a head cold. I have 1 sick day left and I had to use it. I am popping cold pills all day and plan on going to work tomorrow or else I'd have to dip into my vac days. Unless I feel worse than I did this morning I plan on going to work. It helps that there is only 2 days left of this week and next week I am on vacation. I can power through this!

Alright that was sneeze number six in less than a minute I think that's a sign I should wrap this up!

7:21 p.m. - 2017-09-27


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