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One month later....same deal?!

How interesting that my last entry I was complaining about how I had a cold. Almost one month later and guess what? I have a NEW cold! This one takes the cake though. It is really just a cough that is making my life complete and utter hell. I can't lay down at night or else I cough non-stop (no copious or various amounts of cough syrup can stop it). I started sleeping propped up to the point of almost sitting. That helped a bit. And now? Now I somehow strained or pulled my neck from all the voilent coughing so whenever I begin to cough I grab my neck and look like a lunatic. I have made a vow to become healthier. This is just insane. So many people in my office have this hacking cough - we all sound horrible. Offices suck.

Tonight I made my coworker unhappy when I told her I couldn't go over to her place tonight to cut up tomatoes and lettuce. Tomorrow we are having a retirement party for our other coworker and she wanted me to help her get the food ready. I think she just wanted to hang out which I would be down for any other time but I have been barking all week and my voice is hoarse. I thought for sure she'd take pity on me and tell me not to come but when I told her this afternoon I couldn't come she got sort of cold with me. It is hard for me to say no to people so this was huge. But I have done most of the leg work for this party so I don't feel guilt about not pulling my own weight at all. Plus she has a retired hubby who can help her AND she's leaving early tomorrow afternoon!

This weekend I am not doing anything. I've been invited to 2 halloween parties but I'm not going to either one. A) I'm sick and just want to relax and get better and B) I have been going non stop for the last few weekends I am burnt out.

What else? Maybe I will do a real update before another month passes with something more interesting than how sick I am!

For now time to think about taking some more pain pills and settling in for a little me time!

7:43 p.m. - 2017-10-25


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