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An unexpected weekend of rest

I had a much different day than the one I had planned. Today I was supposed to get together with 2 of my ex belly dance friends. As I sat ready and waiting for my friend to pick me up I got a text saying something wasn't right with her mom and she couldn't leave without making sure everything was ok. Turns out her mom had had a stroke in the early morning hours. She had ignored what happened and went back to bed - I guess it's pretty critical to get to the hospital when you have a stroke, waiting is bad. My friend ended up calling an ambulance to get her mom to the hospital. Her mom is doing ok right now but they have to keep her for 48 hours.

Needless to say our plans went up in smoke. Family emergencies always come first.

I was left at odds with what to do today. I was off work yesterday so I got all my errands done then as well as my laundry. I really wasn't up to just going out for the sake of going out not to mention the annoying crowds of people on a Saturday. Instead I ran out for food for Keith and I and came back and got out of my pretty day clothes and into my lounging around wear.

Keith is sick with a cold so even going out with him was out. Instead I eventually convinced him to go lie down and I continued to binge watch a show I've been watching the last day and a half. Outlanders. Violent and tons of sex. Also disturbing. Half the time I want to look away but the horror of what's happening keeps me watching. Yah. I am on season 2 now. I should have stuck with my Murdoch Mysteries. I never have to look away from that show!

Oh yesterday morning when I woke up I checked my phone and had a message from my massage therapist - he was sick and had to cancel OR I could keep the appointment and get a massage from his wife (she is also a RMT). So I kept the appointment because all this coughing the last couple weeks have left my ribs and back sore. She did such a good job! But today I could use another one!

I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow. So many house things I could do. Our fridge needs a cleaning out, our house is always a mess but meh we'll see. I could also read the book of the author I am going to see in a week or so (hm maybe that won't be happening now as it's with my friend who's mother had the stroke). The book started out really good but it's been capturing less and less of my attention. Turns out it's the second book with these characters so they all have a history that the author refers to - feels like being a third wheel if you know what I mean.

I guess I should just accept this restful weekend and be thankful as next weekend I am off to my parents Friday after work. Saturday my mom and I will be going to see a local play and hang out for the day then Sunday a couple birthday parties for my brother and niece. All this without Keith who I have to leave home due to his work schedule. Hopefully both him and myself will be fully healthy by then. I just really hope that I do NOT catch his sinus cold that he has now!

Maybe right now I should go and clean the kitchen and feed my husband some dinner. If positions were switched he would have made me chicken soup from scratch but lucky him I will feed him some chicken I bought from a fast food joint (hey he requested it!).

5:25 p.m. - 2017-11-04


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