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A better frame of mind

It's been a week since I wrote my last entry and I am very happy to report I am in a much better frame of mind. It's not ideal - right before x-mas and all the parties etc to start this new 'lifestyle' but it is what it is. Keith has been amazing. He researches what I and by association he should be eating and is making us quite healthy meals. In the past when I would decide to eat healthier I was basically on my own - and it usually failed as he is the cook in the family when he made the very tasty but not all that healthy meals. But now we are on the same page. I started my new meds on Sunday and 5 days later my numbers are actually better! Between the meds and better meals it's making a difference. I am going to start mixing the gym back in (it's been a busy week).

In other news today is my Friday. But tomorrow I will be getting up with my alarm like normal. I'm going to volunteer at the Shoebox warehouse and they are 40 minutes away. Highway driving in rush hour. I am not happy about this. I may be cutting it close but my reward for this morning craziness is an afternoon massage! My massage guy text me today to remind me so I cheekily asked him if he was offering black friday deals.

It's funny because Canada has gone black friday crazy in the last few years but the deals are pathetic. I mean most aren't even a deal! Sad just sad.

Besides that not much going on. Keith and I hope to go out Saturday and do some shopping. We got a lot done last weekend (13 nephews and nieces to buy for). The malls are ramping up now but we mostly avoid big malls and go to our favourite stores.

Keith had agreed to us filling out a tv survey that was mailed to us. We had to fill out our tv watching (including netflix etc). My week was laughable as I watched very little tv. Basically one episode of a sitcom every day at 5pm when Keith and I ate dinner. Yes we eat in front of the tv. We chit chat before our meal but I find after we eat we're more relaxed and our conversation flows better. We watch a sitcom cause I find laughing helps me at least relax and leave the stresses of the day behind. We try and make the most of our one hour and a bit together.

Last night when I had my weekly chat with my parents (used to be just my mom but my dad wanted in on it too) my dad told me he was considering coming out of retirement for a year. A church that isn't doing so well needs a minister. My dad has a 3 for 3 track record of taking churches that are on its last legs and bringing life back into them. Of course we are all worried about his health. He may need dialysis sooner than later - he has one kidney and his reading is under 10 which I'm told is bad. He's a walking mystery I'm sure to a lot of doctors. I just want him to be happy...and healthy.

Alright time to go switch my laundry and head to bed to read my book for book club. It's a short book but I want to finish it so I can start another book by the author I saw last week. I picked it up at the library on my lunch and just barely walked away without getting a parking ticket for my one minute pit stop!

Happy Turkey day my fellow d-landers (and bloggers).

8:46 p.m. - 2017-11-23


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