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Shouldn't January be Motivation by itself?

I'm searching for my motivation have you seen it? It has been bitterly cold here as it has been in a lot of places. So cold that last week our office closed which never happens - the boilers weren't working in the building. It took our Union to push the employer to let us go but whatevs I just wanted out of there. I got so much done once home! So apparently my secret is get up, go to work then come home a couple hours later and I am very productive! Who knew?

I am trying to get back into the gym but the extreme cold (yah it's an excuse) and tonight the freezing rain (c'mon that's for sure a good excuse!) has been preventing me. Those excuses are good for not going to the gym but the fact that I lie around like a sloth rather than put away the naked x-mas tree and finish up with our xmas totes is another story. I come home from work and I am just done. Work is so busy these days. I mean I know it's called work for a reason but it's ridiculous! It makes me long for the days the work trickled in and I was bored!

My weekends go by so fast now as we tend to go visit Keith's dad every weekend. Not only to visit but he has no water so Keith always brings tools and tries to help out. Somewhere is frozen and with a few different guys trying to help out I have to wonder if they are making it worse? I know they are not but it's frustrating cause the guys, my husband included, don't discuss with each other when they do something, it's all second hand from K's dad (who need I remind you is drunk a lot of the time).

He called quite a few nights last week but so far this week he hasn't. One night we missed a call when Keith was going to bed and we were laying there (no message was left) then tonight the phone rang twice and the person hung up before we could answer it. We don't have call display so not sure who it was. He's lonely so I can't blame him.

On another note I am again going thru the phase of misplacing everything. So far I have lost my fitbit charger and my library card. I need to get organized again. Or I just gotta stop losing all my shit!

Alright time to call it a night. I have a book to finish - it's an old book - Fried Green Tomatoes. It's our book club book this month and we're supposed to watch the movie too! The book is due back Friday but I should have it done tonight. Took me a while as I only read a few pages a night.

8:42 p.m. - 2018-01-10


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