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Yoga for tired people I should google that

I'm Stiff with a capital S. I'm also Tired again with a capital. I skipped the gym tonight. Monday plus rain plus extreme fog kept this girl inside. Instead I'm finally catching up on dland and I tried doing some yoga (I cajoled myself into getting the purple mat out). I say tried because I couldn't get the dvd player to work, I don't think Keith hooked it up when he set up our new tv. I did go on the internet - hey when I get motivated I don't quit - I googled beginner yoga for sore backs and shoulders. I made it to about minute 12 of 25 and turned it off -yah the motivation left plus she moved away from beginners stuff and I was done. My upper back is screaming and my lower back is super stiff due to woman issues. Let's move on shall we.

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night I went to book club. The majority hadn't read the book and one woman said she couldn't put it down while I admitted I only read a few pages a night because it put me to sleep. It was good just not a page turner. We watched the movie which was cute. What was not cute was the woman who hosted keeps her house very cool. If I hadn't brought my slippers my feet would have been cramping as it was they were on the verge all night! Seriously either pipe up the heat for guests or offer blankets! We chatted so long before putting the movie on we didn't finish it til after 11. Everyone immediately left once it was done. I drove my neighbour and she invited me in for a drink so I said yes as I wasn't tired. Bad mistake. 2 bottles of wine later and it was 2:30 as I stumbled across the street to my house. I don't think I've ever been drunk off of wine before! I slept like the dead for 6 hours!

That night T came over and we went out to a bar/restaurant with her co-workers. She invited me cause she didn't know many of the people (it was mostly for former coworkers). We were supposed to stay for a while then move on to a bar to dance and drink. I drove but I was going to ditch my car for a cab once we went to a second place. One of our other friends stopped by for an hour or so she said. Fast forward 4 hours later and they were having last call! I had an amazing time laughing and chatting the night away SOBER! I drank water most of the night. My friends got drunk as skunks. Not only did they have wicked hangovers the next day but their wallets were quite a bit lighter!

Work has been brutal. I have yet to meet my new manager in person but it's supposedly this week. I may be considered the problem child of the group as I am most vocal. One coworker is retiring so she has checked out and the other just doesn't care and does what she wants. My points are valid but still I can only imagine what my label is. I'm trying to be more zen at work. Is it worth having a stroke over? I get mighty angry sometimes at the unfairness of it all and how shitty the higher ups handle the work etc. I then google shit about how not to be stressed at work and anxiety about work etc. This is 2-fold it helps give me tips to calm the eff down but also they monitor the crap out of what we do on the internet so take that work spys! This employee is gonna have a melt down one of these days. It's work it's not my life. Just hard to believe I've been there for 18 years as of March. Old.

Alright I had more to say but in all honesty I want to go to bed. I slept fitfully last night due to my 2 previous nights of going to bed after 3am. Maybe tomorrow I will google yoga poses to relief stress caused by work - ha!

9:15 p.m. - 2018-01-22


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