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I must be chatty tonight

Another Sunday night. Another weekend over. Another Monday morning looming ahead of me. Ah well at least this one I am not dreading as my work week doesn't seem like an endless abyss until the next weekend. I swear I am an optimistic person! Anywho I am off 2.5 days this week which means I only work 2.5! Tomorrow, Tuesday morning and Thursday. Plus tomorrow is my day off phones which is HUGE because being on a phone queue sucks the life out of you big time.

Tuesday afternoon Keith and I are heading to the Falls for a getaway for the night - his idea! He asked me if I had booked off Wednesday - Valentines day - and I said no cause why would I? We don't normally do anything - he'll make a special meal or once in a while we'll go out. I think last year we did go to the Falls and ordered Chinese food and ate in our hotel room. Anywho I jumped at the chance to go away with my hubs and I booked the time off and then booked the hotel which was super cheap this time of year and I used my credit from hotels dot com. The parking will probably cost more than our room did!

Then I am off Friday which means a 4 day weekend! So hell yah I'm going into tomorrow with a pretty damn good attitude!

My weekend didn't go quite as planned. T planned a dinner initially for just her, C and myself. But that was the weekend S and her singer guy were coming down so then we changed it into a bday party for C! To take it a step further I planned our entertainment - a murder mystery! We needed 8 people and C decided to bring her guy at the last minute so I quickly found a game online and altered it to our needs and started the planning! C still thought it was just a dinner with just the 6 of us not knowing of S and her guy. Then the weather threw a curve ball. It snowed Friday. It snowed Saturday and it snowed today plus freezing rain! C doesn't drive in bad weather. We were due at T's at 6pm Saturday eve and 10am that morning C told us she was cancelling. Well then. I text S and discussed the weather etc but she was still game on visiting me and going to T's just to hang out.

I debated that afternoon about telling C the original plan. Finally I just did. I didn't want C to see on FB that we were at T's plus and I'm not sure this will come out right but I needed C to know we had made an effort for her bday. C always talks about how she gives and gives and gets nothing in return. I needed her to know that I had planned something different and special for her. It's not like I could just hold off and have this murder mystery another weekend - we don't get together due to work schedules and there are never 8 adults! So she found it funny at first then she got depressed. I told her the 3 of us will definitely still celebrate her bday and hopefully we will even do the murder mystery someday. It's weird the whole time I was planning the game there was a part of me that couldn't actually 'visualize' it happening. Guess my intuition was right.

Tuesday night Keith got a call that he 'won' a $100 gift certificate but they had to come over and he had to sit thru a presentation to get it - surprisingly he said yes and within half an hour we had a knock at the door. I told him I didn't want part of it and went into our bedroom. The guy at our door said he couldn't give the presentation unless we were both present. I came out of the bedroom with a pretty bad attitude. Fast forward 2 hours later and Keith and I had just signed on the dotted line giving away hundreds of dollars for a water system. We fell for it hook line and sinker. We participated in the presentation and tasted and sniffed different things. The thing is we know our water is crap. It's horrible. We knew this and knew eventually we would shell out the money to get a new system we just didn't expect it to be this week! We got it in Thursday (they waste no time) and are enjoying the great tasting water. I can't wait to make coffee because I know our crappy water affected the taste. Although I probably won't be making it for a few days as it's roll up the rim at tim's and we know I fall for that crap too.

I haven't been to the gym this week. I KNOW. As predicted - sabatoge! That and my back really did go out. I was having difficulty taking deep breaths so I did what I rarely do and made a call to my chiro and went in the next day - turns out it was my ribs. It felt sore but okay for a day or two then back to pain but I told Keith I'm roughing it out cause I can't keep going to my chiro every other day. I'll get back into the swing of things I swear. Last night I got a bit of exercise when we went taboozaning at T's. Her hubby makes a sliding track in their back yard and after a few drinks and when it's pretty late you head outside and go down on these tiny saucers. It was flipping awesome. Except for climbing back up the hill every time (exercise!).

I'm wondering if the back issue was due to some stress I've been under at work. I swore I would NOT let work get to me but a week or so ago I came home sobbing - scaring poor Keith to death. It was the same old crap - work harder, work faster, work better, work like a robot, work non-stop and hey turn the other cheek when others in the Province don't do half the work you do but you get chewed out that you only got 99% when our standard is 100 to 120%! Yah my brain nearly exploded and I felt my blood pressure sky rocket and on my drive home I realized I am the age my mom was when she had her first heart attack! Am I going to let work get to me like this?! Am I going to have a stroke because I can't meet their expectations especially when they don't make it fair for everyone? I have to once again step back - several steps - and realize - it's a JOB - it's not my life. It's not worth my health - my sanity. I will work hard but I won't put unrealistic expectations on myself. Basically if I don't reach their stats then I get 'coached' and offered help and blah blah blah. I've done this job for 5 years and worked there for 18. I always end up meeting their stats for year end. I just have to stop stressing the eff out about it!

Tomorrow night I will hit the gym cause I have to go out tomorrow evening to buy a bunch of valentine crap for work. I'm making a gift basket that I have to bring in on Tuesday for my coworkers to give away Wednesday.

This means I am so going to bed early tonight. Keith was frickin cranky before dinner. I do forget that his sleep schedule is so out of whack when we go away on weekends and hang out with friends and family. Last night we went to bed around 1:30. We ended the night watching 2 comic specials on Flix and the second one we were all falling asleep! We got roughly 6 hours sleep but Keith sleeps like crap when not in his own bed so he probably got less.

I hope our hotel room has a huge tub that he can soak in. I think they all have tubs just not jacuzzi ones (those you pay extra) but as long as it has a big soaker tub he will be happy. It's been so long since we've gone to this hotel (normally a few hundred bucks for one night) that I can't remember!

Alright time to go and do some relaxing before bed, finish up my last load of laundry (3!) and go to bed before 10! A girl can dream.

6:43 p.m. - 2018-02-11


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