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A weekend to remember! Well it was down to the wire on who was attending the girls' weekend but I didn't go alone - we only lost one! It was my sister in law, my nephew came down with a horrible ear issue - in and out of the ER all week, then my sil had an allergic reaction to some meds and her face swelled up. She had that reaction before so knew what to expect. T drove to my house Saturday morning - on time even - and I drove us. We met up with C at an outlet mall on the way to the Falls. We had an awesome day shopping and browsing. I will admit I made up a loose itinerary for the day. I looked up places I thought they would be interested in and wrote down the addresses then I roughly outlined when we would have to be there and for how long. It actually worked out perfectly and left us with enough time to relax back at the hotel for an hour or so and then for me to get ready to go to my concert.

The concert! OMG it was Awesome! I was 3rd row, seat 9 and I was smack dab in the middle staring at the stage! I took a few pics but made a conscious effort to 'stay in the moment'. Too often I lose focus, fret or think about stupid crap, fart around with my camera phone and leave the moment when my favourite singer is on stage belting out hits like so many singers cannot do these days because it's all auto tuned! Not this guy! 100% pure. At the end of the concert people head up to the stage and I pushed my way out of my row and stood at the stage clapping and yelling and got an encore, then at the end I got the setlist - oh and during the concert I got a guitar pic when he thew it and it landed at my feet! It was interesting to see that he didn't adhere to the set list like normal, he skipped a few songs but I think he may have added a few (blues ones that I must admit are not my favourites so I didn't take all that much note). On the way out there were t-shirts being sold which normally doesn't happen. Cash only. I checked it out and had the exact amount of money and then they had my size so it was meant to be!

T and C met me outside the venue - I was that girl at the stage texting my friends to come get me - ha. They had played the slots and shopped and then went back to the hotel room. It was nice of them to come back and walk with me even tho it was pretty safe with a lot of people still around.

Once back C was done for while T and I were wide awake (me more so obviously - still buzzing!). We finally called it a night at 12:45 and then I tossed and turned for about 4 hours then got up with stomach issues (new meds + bad food = upset stomach). Why was I restless? C snored brutally all night. Both T and I had horrible sleeps and were so tired this morning. Little Ms Snore pants was up at 7 and went to Tim's and had breakfast and came back to the room with coffee for us (but no food) at 8am. An hour later she had her bag packed and left for home. She was going to stay to 11 but had to go home and do laundry (for real that was her excuse). T and I then went swimming and were checked out by 11. We hit a few thrift stores on our way home and an antique place. T found an awesome green figurine with this crazy creepy look on it's face and we nearly pissed ourselves laughing at this thing the whole ride home. Ok we may have been comparing it to how C looks at most people but doesn't realize it (or so we hope). I also blame it on our sleep depravation why we found this so hilarious.

All in all it was an Amazing weekend and I am SO glad my girls and I got to have this time together - it's hard when you get older finding the time for each other. Oh and seeing MB again was pretty damn awesome too!!!!

8:24 p.m. - 2018-04-08


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