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Losing all the marbles

Written Tues Apr 10:

I do not know what is wrong with me this week, I'm thinking it's a combo of being sleep deprived and hormonal issues. I am so somber this week! At first I thought maybe I was having some sort of 'intuition' and something was wrong but - knock on wood - that doesn't seem to be the case. I am just a little blue. Everything is making me tear up! So of course I convince the hubby to go see an inspirational movie tonight! The trailers were making me almost cry! I better bring lots of tissues. Maybe once I get a cry out of my system I will feel better. Here's hoping! To tell the truth I'm a bit shocked I convinced Keith to go to the movies tonight. We go so rarely and mostly if it's a blockbuster we want to see. He doesn't even know what this movie is but I did warn him that my parents saw it and so we know it's a tame movie (my sister in law convinced them to go after she and my brother saw it). If it's as good as they say I have a feeling my parents will talk about it during our weekly conversation tomorrow.

I had a helluva night last night. I convinced myself to go to the gym. I just had to stop at the grocery store first. I went shopping first noticing that my keys were not in my bag (I carry my car key separate). I thought nothing of it, I would stop back at home to get them. My keys have my gym membership card on them as well as the keys to our house. I came back with the couple of groceries and spent the next TWO AND A HALF HOURS searching my house and car. I was trying to remember the last I had them. I was pretty sure it was when I left Saturday morning - locking the front door to our house when T and I left. But I wasn't 100% sure because we also have a combination lock on our door that doesn't require a key. I rarely use it tho cause I'm old school.

By 10pm I was looking like an escaped insane person - my hair sticking out all over, my eyes bugging out (tired) and my clothes all askew. I was near tears (hello over emotional!). I was like a dog with a bone and I couldn't stop looking - sometimes in the same places over and over again (thus the insane lady look). At 10pm I went out to my car (again) with my phone flashlight and searched again and lo and behold a tiny piece of blue fabric was sticking out under the black fabric in the trunk where the spare tire and tools are hidden. I was thisclose to losing those suckers until we needed the spare tire! This morning I sent my husband a message asking him to look into buying one of those tiles you can stick on your keys so when you lose them you can search for them via your phone. I hope he took that text seriously!

Have I mentioned that Keith's dad is in the hospital? He was admitted a week ago today! None of us were surprised. Lack of eating, alcohol etc. I've tried to encourage Keith to stay in touch with his sister and not just wait for her to send out updates. His siblings all live within minutes of each other so they talk everyday and are all in the loop. Keith is the eldest but he doesn't take leadership roles (plus and I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this but it's not his bio dad). Yes this man raised him since 7 years of age but since I've been part of the family there was always something that made Keith seem just a little bit separate with everyone except for his mom - wow did those 2 have a bond! Keith's birthday next month will be a tough one without her. They didn't celebrate together but she always called and they would chat for like an hour. So anyway back to their dad, he is doing really good in hospital and they have him eating 3 meals plus a snack a day! This is incredible. He was eating maybe twice a week! Last night Keith says to me that he had given his dad a month. It took me a second to realize he meant he thought he was pass away then. How sad.

Wed Apr 11

Just a quick updated to add that we did see the movie, it was called "I can only imagine". It was us and about 20 seniors. At one point everyone was openly crying in the movie - pretty hard - even I looked at Keith like - really? I shed a tear or two - glad we went.

Alright time to post this entry! 'night

10:43 p.m. - 2018-04-11


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