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Vacation? Yes please

Boy did I do everything imaginable to avoid going to the gym tonight! I went to a craft store, a thrift store then a grocery store and finally when all stores were closing I began to head over and then stopped for gas - but I made it there. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then ran out of there! BUT at least I made it, I haven't been all week. It's hard getting back into the routine and it's easy to keep avoiding it.

I'm officially on vacation! I go back to work on the 30th. I'm not feeling the vacation vibe yet though - probably because I'm tired. I was a bit meh at the gym and realized that I'm a little tense about going to see my family this weekend. I'm going to be there 4 nights. I'm tense because even though I have gotten better at not being a people pleaser when it comes to my family I revert a bit. Actually no - that's not true - what really happens is I feel pulled between my parents and my sister in law. My sil who I love dearly has a love/hate thing with my parents right now. It's to be expected as they all live in one house and have vastly different personalities. I want to make sure I get equal time with them - although truthfully more time with my mom cause hi she's my mom. I just don't want anyone to feel slighted. Thus the tenseness. I'm sure I will feel less tense after a good nights sleep. My visit last year went okay.

So I did something the other day I haven't really done with the hubby - I came clean. We were at costco and I saw the huge camping chair I coveted last year and desperately tried to get at the end of the season to no avail. I sat in the chair and as he began to walk away I stopped him. I told him that I wanted the chair. But I didn't want to sneak around and come back in a few days and buy it. It's something I wanted since last year. I was matter of fact and straightforward I think I shocked him. He wasn't happy at first because I do tend to buy a lot of camping chairs but I did promise to get rid of 2 and he came around to me buying it and didn't say another word about it! But wow, honesty, how refreshing.

Alright I have to watch my Canada big bro and then hit the hay. I need my beauty sleep. A lot to do tomorrow. Gym, taxes, packing and then hitting the highway to go visit my fam! I hope that Vacation vibe hits soon!

10:12 p.m. - 2018-04-19


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