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Looks like my family doctor owes me 5 bucks

Well none of the weekend went as planned! I went to my co-worker's retirement party and got a helluva lot of compliments - apparently when I wear a dress and do my hair people notice. Or I dress that bad the rest of the time? I thought I would spend a couple hours there then sneak out and go to book club. Nope. The retiree kept her eye on me and kept hugging me and telling everyone stories where I was involved. Long story short I didn't leave til the retiree and the last few people left after 11pm.

Saturday I didn't leave the house! That wasn't my intent it just happened - in fact I didn't even get out of my pj's! Once Keith got home from work we did a whole lot of nothing - binge watched some netflix shows and lounged a lot.

Although poor Keith was up at 2am emptying his stomach. He then spent the day with a fairly high fever and chills. He thought it was food poisoning but my mom (who I spoke to a while ago) thought it might have been a flu bug. I don't know but he sure was sick. I went out for a few hours this aft and met up with T and her daughter as Keith was on the upswing but by the time I got home he was running a fever again. Thankfully by the time he went to bed the fever seemed to be gone again and he was finally able to have some food - soup and a sandwich. I sure hope when he gets up for work he is feeling okay.

Now onto the last topic as it's my least favourite - the bump on my face. Turns out it's basal cell carcinoma. My worst fear but oddly enough I'm not freaking out probably because deep down that's what I thought it was. They took a biopsy and I get the results in 2 weeks. Nothing to do but wait and see.

Alright it's back to the real world tomorrow - work - time to get things in order and head to bed. I started trying to switch over my clothes from winter to spring/summer but I ran out of steam so my room is a disaster. I have too many clothes but that's not news.

10:19 p.m. - 2018-04-29


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