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May flowers bring sick husbands?

Boy howdy it is not a healthy household for us this week! Well I'm pretty healthy - minus that band-aid covering my little skin cancer patch. Nope I'm talking about Keith.

Monday he felt mostly okay - his stomach was still not 100% right but he could eat lightly and wasn't bringing up anything.

Tuesday we headed to his sisters after I got off work. We had dinner with her and her little family (5 kids being little). It was a nice time and nice to catch up with them. She made a roast beef with potatoes and veggies. Small portions but good. We stayed a bit later than we should - almost 8pm by the time we left to go visit Keith's dad in the retirement home.

He is looking really good. I have never seen him so animated! At one point the pillow lost it's case and he sat up and grabbed it and did it all himself - this was a man who could barely hold the remote control just a month ago! I am so proud of him for not smoking or drinking. And apparently he has had the chance from him stupid son (not Keith lol). Keith's brother J walked his dad across the parking lot to the hospital for some tests. On the way back he was smoking and asked his dad if he wanted one. Hearing that I saw RED, what an Asshole! I'm like the only person on this guys' side as all his siblings have had it up to here but I may be joining their side. He also wants to go and live out on the farm with a few friends and 'fix it up'. This guy is into some illegal things let's just say that it's a very bad idea! Family drama for sure! But one thing is for sure I told Keith we need to go visit more often and stay more involved. April was brutal as like I mentioned I had plans for every weekend. May isn't looking much better - weekends book up fast! But if we go up on Tuesday's that could work. But not like last night. We didn't leave his dad til 9:30 so we didn't get home till almost 10:30. Way too late for Keith who had been up since 1am.

Which brings us to today. Keith's day off. He went to the dentist for a crown at lunch and then spent the next I'm going to say going on 7 hours running to the bathroom. Yah. Not good. I hate when he is sick. Def some kind of stomach virus he has. I'm worried about him going to work tomorrow.

Besides that not much is happening. This weekend I am supposed to go to my friend S' b-day party Sat evening. We'll see what happens.

On an interesting note, when I pulled into the driveway tonight and got out of the car a neighbour driving by stopped his car and told me he saw a huge raccoon waddle into our backyard. I acted surprised but Keith had told me he saw this thing on the weekend digging through our compost. Sure enough when I came into the house I ran to the bedroom in the back and looked out and sure enough there he was climbing into the compost getting himself a snack! We do throw bread products in to it because of the stuff Keith brings home but I told Keith we are putting a stop on the compost for at least a few weeks! It's one thing to not want to go into the back yard when it's dark but daylight hours and these damn things are sauntering around - oh hells no!

Alright time to wrap this up and call my mom for our weekly chat - even though she did call me on Monday just to check on me. I guess one thing is for sure with all the stuff happening to everyone else it keeps my mind off this cheek thing I got going on!

8:33 p.m. - 2018-05-02


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