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Health - it's so easy to take for granted

Am I the only one having problems with dland? I go into my buddy list but when I click on a name it comes up with a blank page, then I go into profiles and click on the link that way and it works. But if the person doesn't have a profile set up or has a locked diary I am out of luck. Sure hope this gets fixed!

I'm just sitting here waiting for my mom to call. It's Wednesday. It was a helluva hormonal day. I got a touch of the pms. I knew it when every little sound around me at the office was making me twitch. Someone would cough - twitch. Someone would laugh too loud - twitch. Someone blinked too quickly - twitch. Yah. Then my mananger managed (ha) to push me over the edge and I was pretty sure my day was done. But I went home at lunch vented/cried a bit to Keith, changed my too tight capris and went back to work. Shit happens. I know my manager isn't happy with me after our lengthy email exchange yesterday regarding my flex. Guess what? I'm not happy that my employer eff'd me over - so I guess we're even!

In other news Keith went to see our doctor today. They tested his blood sugar while he was there and the doctor started him on meds right away. Apparently it was quite high. Double what mine is on a bad day -that bad. He still goes for blood work next Wednesday then a follow up appt a week after that. I sure hope he starts feeling better. He has now vowed to make us eat even healthier - so that is good - I think?

Last week was his birthday and I took the day off as well. The weekend before was our long weekend in Canada. We went away for a night and explored to the West of us. It was a nice little getaway.

Speaking of getaways I am in major planning mode right now with all the summer plans. I've got a weekend getaway booked with S the first weekend of July. And I'm planning the week in August with Keith - I do so love planning this stuff - it is fun and keeps my mind off of dull stuff like work!

Well I just got off the phone with my mom. She has a bakers cyst behind her knee which is why she has been having difficulty and pain with her leg the last few months. But the big news was my dad is going on dialysis tomorrow. Last week when I spoke to him he was intent on not starting it til near the end of summer but doctors and I'm hoping common sense kicked in. He has one kidney and it is barely functioning. I just pray that he will start to feel better - maybe not right away -but within a couple weeks. He goes in tomorrow and Friday then starts next Monday going every other day during the week.

Now my eyes are starting to get heavy so I am not going to fight sleep anymore. Oh the rain has just begun - pouring buckets out there but like they say - we need the rain. It's been super hot lately. Summer is skipping over Spring it seems.

I sure hope these d-land bugs are fixed the next time I log in!

9:26 p.m. - 2018-05-30


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