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A brown sandal kind of Monday

It's been a while! Just laying here listening to the 80's station on my tv - Mr Marx is on right now.....Right Here Waiting. Ah the 80's. Anywho I wrote part of an entry earlier today - let's cut and paste shall we? Nope - epic fail I thought was hitting the pencil turns out I was hitting the garbage can - yah I just junked my half entry. Let's wing it shall we?

I do remember this line: I can sum up my Monday in five words: Black outfit with brown sandals.

I forgot my black sandals at home and apparently only have 2 pairs of brown at my desk. I was a tad rushed this morning because I was up (and outside) at almost midnight hunting in my car for my work badge. I did find it. I had searched the whole house, and was lying in bed wide awake when I decided to search the car again.

(Against All Odds- Phil C) love this song!

I was up early and as usual running late but the difference this time was I could not dilly dally and just keep pushing my leaving time. For the first time in my 18 years of employment I took the bus to work! Taking the bus was a huge deal for me - and I know it's something people do without even batting an eye. But I survived and thrived and shall be taking the bus tomorrow. Why? Glad you asked.

While at the theatre Saturday evening (saw Incredibles 2 in a VIP theatre meaning no kids allowed - that cracks me up) when it was time to leave I started the car up moved a few feet, back it up into the spot and said something didn't feel right. I can't explain the actual issue but it involves a surpentine belt and a sheared off bolt. The rough estimate to fix it is btwn $500 and $1000. My 2002 Corolla is not worth that. So Keith you tubed a bunch of videos and is going to try and fix it. He started today because Sunday rained like a son of a bitch (oh hey we also learned our roof leaks!). He got pretty far today but needs a new tool to get the sheared end of the bolt out. F*ck cars are annoying!!

(Can't fight this feeling - REO S)

I am just so amazingly grateful that my parents renewed our CAA membership so we could have the car towed home. They've been buying me a membership every year and I thought last year was the last - I guess they forgot?

So is it possible to be proud and annoyed with your husband at the same time? As I think I mentioned he has Type 2 D and his numbers were quite high. He then began to research the hell out of it and has decided to go on the Keto diet. Pretty much no carbs and a helluva lot of meat and some veg. Carbs of any kind are his enemy. It's been about a week maybe almost 2 and his numbers have come down big time. You think I would jump on the bandwagon with him as far as eating salads non stop and to quit the starchy veggies but as per usual I'm rebelling and wanting to eat every carb we have in the house. Last year if he did this I would have been beside him cutting up that lettuce. I think I"m just pissy cause he's doing it now cause it's HIS health at stake. Or I'm just a pouty be-atch. I just want him to keep researching and reading and not just the sites that say good stuff about it. Read the bad - stay informed. Oh and I should mention I will NOT be going on this with him. The main reason is this diet promotes fat - oil, butter etc but the meds currently on have ill effects on me if I eat fats. Eating together has been interesting.

(What kind of Man would I be - Chicago) I don't know this song but I like it.

I have a vac day on Wednesday - a just because day. The forecast is for rain and I will probably still be down a car. It still beats going to the office so I will call that a win.

Having no car is putting a damper on my going to the gym. I try and go in the mornings but with no car makes that impossible. I could take Keith's car and go in the evenings but in all honesty that car is on it's last legs and I don't want to be the one driving it when it goes. That is sadly the truth. I may have to walk in the evenings but not tonight cause I have a raging headache from the crappy sleep of last night. After work Keith and I had our chiro appt then had dinner out and then a stop at the auto parts store (belt) and once home I was not going back out.

Now I am going to force myself to go get my lunch made for tomorrow cause in the morning is too much of a rush since I have to catch the BUS! Then this heavy head is hitting the sheets!

Ah crap - I forgot I was going to mention that I found out what happened to the young girl who died in my last entry. She took her own life. She hung herself. How can life ever be that bad for someone so young? It's beyond sad and it puts everything into perspective. Life is messy. Life is hard. But you can't give up. Please don't ever give up.

9:06 p.m. - 2018-06-25


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