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Almost bedtime but dang it I've been meaning to update all last week. I had a great time with S. The humidity did break and I had almost a chilly drive down to pick her up Friday morning. The 1.5 hour drive to the motel took us over 6 so you can guess that we made a lot of stops along the way. After a late dinner we decided to take a dip in the pool before bedtime only for me to discover that I had forgot to pack my bathing suit! Now this is huge for me. I have dreams before trips that I am flying somewhere and I realize I forgot my swimsuit. It is a huge deal for me. I was shocked and pretty freaked out. Finding a swimsuit that I like and fits is not an easy thing for me. Thankfully there was a wmart a 20 minute drive away in the next town and it was open late. We got there and discovered that the swimsuit section was bare bones. The plus size suits were picked thru to say the least. I tried on a top that had my boobs spilling out and the kerchief top showing my pale belly. I grabbed another that I didn't like out of desperation as it was the only other top in my size. I headed into another change room and discovered a blue (my fave colour) bathing suit top in my size hanging there. Shocked I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I nearly wept. That was the biggest mishap we had so the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. We had a great time as usual and even had a few deep talks which rarely happens with us. I had asked her if she could change one thing - one regret about her life what was it? I also clarified that we had to ignore the 'but that road led me to where I am now so it's all worth it". It was a thought provoking and interesting chat.

Our drive home the humidity came back in full force and S got to experience the hell that is driving without AC. Also my car kept getting louder and louder as the weekend went on. Turns out I now have a muffler issue. I swear I want to junk this car so bad but Keith is hell bent on paying off our last debt (which we anticipate by December). By then we will be debt free and we will have a healthy savings account and we can put more money away for a car. I really want to get on board with this plan but this effin car is testing my patience. I cannot drive a car with no AC that is loud as hell. So back under the car Keith is going to go to try and fix the problem. I feel bad that part of me wishes for one of our cars to just die. I also know that that kind of thinking can lead to bad things - as in it will die at the worst possible time or place. So patience grasshopper I must have patience.

So in health news Keith's specialist was impressed with his numbers! She was happy with how well he was doing. She is going to wait another few months after the next test to see about any changes in meds etc. The bad news was Keith does have some nerve damage in his feet. He always has pain in his feet and there are a few places he has no feeling. He's a bit discouraged about that.

I also had 2 specialist appts this week. The first was for my face. I have to go in for a procedure this Wednesday for him to cut my cheek open and make sure all the cancer cells are out. I thought it was more of an option but he informed me it's really not, it needs to be done. Fine.

My other appt went fairly well. I brought Keith along. Apparently when we discussed how my blood sugar didn't really change but my weight went down about 7 pounds (over 3 months) that she had told me that would be the results. Guess I blocked that out. I had been shocked my numbers were the same even with the weight loss. I told her how Keith was now diabetic and she looked shocked as she took in his appearnance. He doesn't look it. I am staying on the same meds (she again wanted me to go on the med that gave me yeast infections and I was all hell no). So Keith and I will continue on our lower carb diet (him Keto) me just lower carbs. Did I mention that the man who gagged if he accidentally took a sip of my diet coke now loves it? Yah part of me wanted to punch him. All those years he gave me grief but now that he needs caffeine and the fake coke tastes horrible to him he has given diet coke a chance and likes it!

This weekend was not low carb for me. It was my neighbours annual summer party. The theme was the 40's. A horrible theme btw. Most women just wore dresses with bandanas in their hair. The men wore work clothes. I don't know it just wasn't fun to dress up this year. But I got totally sloshed because I was eating low carb and the alcohol hit me pretty hard. Most people left around 10 and 11 I finally stumbled home just before 4am. By stumble I mean limped home. My knee was a bit sore when I went to bed.

I woke up this morning and couldn't put weight on my right leg. I buggered up my knee somehow. I didn't trip or fall or anything like that. I'm pretty sure I twisted my knee one of the times I was turning my chair from the fire to the stupid few remaining people who didn't want to sit by the beautiful fire. I must have twisted the wrong way and poof - pain. I've been limping all day but also staying off it as much as I could as well as icing it and using a tensor on and off. The good news is that as of right now I can put weight on it and it's not as tender as it was this morning. Very exciting news for me. I won't push it and try and go to the gym in the morning. If it's well enough tomorrow evening I will go to the gym and do the treadmill but not as long or hard as I normally do. I want this leg to heal. If it's too sore I will make sure to not exercise yet. I'm no dummy.

This week is a 4 day work for me. I took a random vac day this Friday. I'm hoping Keith will start working on my car to see if he can fix the muffler or not.

I had a horrible experience this week when my parents told me my aunt and uncle had to cancel their hotel room I booked for them in August. Horrible because I booked thru a travel site and I accidentally booked them rooms that were non refundable. Then when I went in to look at the rooms I realized I had booked the wrong weekend! It was supposed to be for our family reunion. I was apparently having a very bad day when I booked those rooms. I called the travel site and after a few hours was able to change the travel dates. I didn't cancel the room because I moved Keith and I to that motel. The one I had booked had a refundable cancellation policy. Then I went over the other hotels I booked for our vacation freaked out in case I had booked the wrong dates! They seem fine. But man I had a couple sleepless nights over this situation. It sounds stupid but I was super upset that I could be costing us over $200 over a stupid mistake. A major weight lifted off my shoulders when that was fixed. Poor Keith had no idea how upset I really was. I came home Thursday and was in the worst mood. Friday when I had fixed it I came home so buoyant!

Alright it's way past bed time! I only got a few hours sleep last night - I need to catch up on my beauty sleep.

9:57 p.m. - 2018-07-15


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