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It's about time....vroom vroom!

So. Much. Time. It is so weird to have so much time in the evenings this week. It's nice to have a rest from running around always doing stuff or going to the gym if I've slept in in the mornings. It's been a very sedate week for me. For a few reasons!

The whole knee thing? Yah on Monday I could put weight on it but was still limping as I walked. Tuesday I was walking without a limp but it was still quite sore. Today I am walking fine and can now sit cross legged again and have no pain - woo! Although to be fair I am concentrating on other pain today!

Today I went in for my procedure to have my cheek cut open to make sure there are no more cancer cells. The worst part was the freezing. The doctor warns you there will be a 'pinch' but oh my lawd it killed! But once it froze the rest was easy and it was over within 15 minutes. It didn't hurt today per se but the only way I can explain it is to compare it to getting punched in the face - your face throbs but you are not 'in pain'. It also helps to take some tylenol etc. I'm a little worried about sleeping as I know the face will seep a little so I"m going to put a gauze over the are with some tape - a large piece of gauze. Right now the doctor put some tape stuff that is supposed to fall off by itself and then next Wednesday I will go to my family doctor and have the stiches removed.

The plan had been to go back to work this afternoon as I figured I would be fine. Even though I was fine I didn't go back. Why? Because I finally got the call from Keith that I had been both waiting for and dreading - his car died!!!!

He was driving to work yesterday and the car started going all over the road. He got to work -worked all day - and then the fool drove home - the back roads though - gah - men! So yesterday we both looked online at different vehicles. I want a smallish SUV because we need comfort and we need space. He doesn't really care but didn't want anything that guzzled gas. He found a pretty good one but it is in T dot which is quite the drive. Last night after dinner we drove to a nearby car dealership and considered one vehicle - the first one I test drove - but he talked me out of it. We then drove to a nearby town and saw another vehicle but they were closed. On our drive home we checked out a few more and didn't find anything interesting.

After my procedure this morning we drove to the dealer that had been closed - it was around 10:30 by now and guess what still closed! There was no one there - by this point we both liked the vehicle. We made some calls, killed some time at a coffee shop until the guy could meet with us. We took a test drive, talked numbers and then bought ourselves a jeep! A freakin 2011 jeep! I'm not telling anyone yet - besides you guys - as I don't want to jinx it. We put a down payment and they are certifying the vehicle hopefully tomorrow and then we are hoping to pick it up Friday! I am freaking out. I am so damn excited! Once we pull into the driveway I will be snapping those pictures and telling the world. My parents especially as I know they worry about me and our cars (they are always breaking down). It was hard not to tell them tonight but thankfully we had my face to concentrate on! I was considering trying to keep it a secret til we saw them next time but it's probably going to be like 3 weeks and I that's a hard secret to keep! Plus if someone else spilled the beans (ie my neighbour) on social media and robbed me of my news I'd be upset.

So tomorrow I am back to bussing it to work! Thankfully I am off Friday on a vacation day.

One last thing - I was telling Keith about moving some of my writing from my H drive at work to a stick as they are on us to free up space. One of the stories I began writing a year.....maybe two was on there - I started reading it and I actually got caught up in the story - and found it interesting! I didn't remember too much of it so it's nice to know I can capture and keep my own interest! Maybe I should just start writing again!

10:04 p.m. - 2018-07-18


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