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Oh boy here we go again....why Mr Jeep why?

Well that's an expensive paper weight we bought! Fine. It's not that bad but good Lord can we not catch a break???? Fu.....dge.

On my drive home tonight after work, coming home a bit late as I got a hair cut that I'm pretty happy with btw, I went to put on my signal light - huh it didn't work. The other side? Nope! I got home and took my frustration and anger out on my husband (ah marriage eh?). We googled, he climbed all over the car and we "think" we know what it is and Keith "thinks" he can fix it. But for f*ck sakes - I haven't even had the car a week!! And no, it's not covered. I told him we should seriously think of buying new next time and just making the damn monthly payments. It could seriously free up a lot of time for Keith.

Oh and just to add insult to injury, as I pulled in the Corolla was on ramps as Keith was looking at the muffler problem (ps the muffler is pooched). He had been planning on taking the jeep tomorrow but had to take his car down. Thankfully it's drivable just loud. I cannot stop shaking my head as in WTF.

But just to put things into perspective. On my walk to the grocery store this evening - more on that tale in a moment - I was humming a song my dad sometimes sings. It's a hymn that his father sang. Basically about trials and tribulations and the Lord walking you through it. The story goes my grandpa had just dropped my 8 year old dad at a relatives to live with for a while. My dad's mom had just died of tuberculosis I believe. My dad's older brother by 10 years had joined the army. My dad's younger brother had died also. I can't remember how he died right now - but needless to say my grandpa was in a bad place. He was a preacher and he had a drinking problem (kind of understandable). Well about half hour after he dropped my dad off my dad popped up from behind the seat to surprise him! He had been singing the hymn I mentioned and nearly had a heart attack I"m sure when my dad popped out. My dad's plan had to been to wait til he was a good ways away and surprise him and that way he could stay with him. Unfortunately my poor grandpa had to turn the car around and make the journey again leaving my crying dad with relatives. My dad still wells up when he tells the story. He knows now how hard it was when his dad had to leave him behind and how much he was going through. He isn't sad for himself he is sad for his dad and what he was going thru. Kind of how I well up just picturing my dad going through that heart breaking experience.

All this to say that life could be a helluva lot worse. And this blip is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

BUT it does't mean I can't be upset and dis heartened that my brand new to me jeep is crapping out on us not even a week home.

Which brings me to my next topic - my walk tonight. It was 8:30 by the time I left Keith to sleep, grabbed money from my slush fund and I speed walked to the grocery store to get me some scratch tickets and a bag of chips. I am in full comfort mode right now. I got a large glass of grape sugar reduced juice (lol) beside me and am going to zone out in front of the tv til bed. As I said to Keith "this too shall pass". And I will NOT be so damn excited when talking about my jeep from now on - jinxies!

Oh and to add to the fun on my walk to the grocery store I was walking towards a very dark unsettling sky - but blue sky behind me. Interesting. I made my 2 purchases then began the walk back. Within 20 steps I felt the first few drops of rain. Crap. I began to half walk half run on my short walk back. The drops were still few and far between. I even stopped at the free book box by my house and found TWO books that look good to read. No worries I have given 4 books in the last 2 weeks so taking 2 isn't being bad. By the time I got to my corner the ran began to come down in earnest and I made it to my door with only a few major drops falling on me!

Now I am inside with the bedroom curtains wide open watching the rain and watching the lightning light up the sky!

Alright I am going to go scratch some tickets, eat some chips and watch some tv. I guess I won't be starting back at the gym tomorrow! Yah I slacked all week and have been eating some evening snacks that are not Keith approved. Although I have to say when I stepped on the scale on Thursday and still lost weight I was a wee bit surprised to say the least. I guess forgoing most starchy carbs at all my meals is making a difference!

Now please send some healing vibes to my jeep and some good wishes that Keith can actually fix the issue. Please please please please let this be so!!

9:04 p.m. - 2018-07-27


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