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Yay happy news!

I have a habit of being annoyed with certain people in my office - it's normally because they are 'loud talkers' thus any conversation they have carries and it's damn annoying and distracting to say the least. But what I have come to notice is as these people are replaced - they move to a different area of the office or a different floor etc that other annoying people take their place. I think I am slowly starting to figure out that maybe it's ME and not them. Food for thought.

So. The Jeep AKA the Expensive Paper Weight. So I think the last time I wrote I mentioned Keith was trying to fix the Corolla and it's muffler issue. Fast forward to Saturday morning when I woke up around 9am to a text from my husband he sent at 8am. Turns out he had been sitting with his co-worker waiting for the cops to show up. Both their work trucks were vandalized - enough to call the police this time. Normally the vandals break the locks off the back of the truck - steal some bread or expensive little deb desserts and scram. This time they broke shit in the cabs of the trucks as well as stole things (things they will never use or sell that are only useful to the old equipment that bread truck guys use). They called the police at 5am at 10 they showed up. 5 hours later! Flipping brutal.

So basically they showed up when Keith was normally pulling into our driveway done for a Saturday. That day he pulled in at 4pm. Granted he had made a stop to pick up a muffler - not from the dealership as those dicks were charging $500 for the muffler of a 2002 car but at crappy tire where he bought it for $140. He then proceeded to put the muffler on the car. That man amazes me. From not having a car when we met and driving very little growing up he is now fixing the weirdest and sometimes the hardest stuff on cars. Like who removes an engine to fix a car? Without the proper tools and basically just watching some you tube videos?? I have to remember this shit for when he frustrates me (um like he did on Sunday but shhhh).

Anywho, basically my Jeep was s.o.l. as Keith was done in by the day and wouldn't have a chance to look into the issues - and even if he did he couldn't order a part as everything was closed.

Sunday morning I got up around 8 and Keith met me in the hallway. He had just come in from outside after.....wait for it.......fixing my Jeep!!! Yup he you tube'd it once again - figured out how to get into the front console - dashboard thing and as it turns out it was just a lose connection that caused the signals and wipers to stop working. He plugged it back in and all has been fine (knock on wood).

Last night I went to bed around 11 and proceeded to toss and turn and get up and walk the house until like 1:30. I fitfully fell asleep then woke up with a wicked headache and an upset stomach. I called into work then took a couple pills and went back to sleep. I woke up around 9-ish with my headache all gone. Stomach ok not great. Then I showered and went to work! I shocked the hell out of Keith (and myself to honest). If I wasn't on vacation for 2 weeks as of this Friday then I doubt I would have skipped off to work. Plus I need to save my sick days and not waste them.

Now onto the event that is driving me and my siblings and their spouses nuts. My parents! This September they are celebrating 50 years of marriage! A huge milestone. It started with finding a date a few months back - that was super hard as my dad is booked up for stuff and then my siblings have shit going on - finally we picked Sep 29 (not bad only 1 day after their actual anniversary). We told them we would be planning it all they just had to keep the day clear! Basically we had decided on a drop in at the church my dad held for many years from 1-5 then family and close friends would go out to dinner and celebrate. Fine and dandy. Then my sil sent my mom an email asking for their guest list and not to worry as each person would be paying for their own dinner. I think it was to put my mom at ease that us 'kids' weren't footing this whole bill since 2 out of 3 of us aren't that well off. But that back fired because then my mom was concerned people were paying for dinner for a drop in event. We discussed - I explained - she was fine. And then she decided my dad and her want to pay for the dinner portion for everyone- up to a $1000. What?? So we are dealing with how to handle that. I personally think everyone who is invited to the dinner should a) be honoured and b) pay for themselves!

I just got off the phone from my weekly call with my parents (I used to just say my mom but now my dad likes to get in on the weekly chat too). All of the above was written earlier when I was at work. But I don't have much to add right now as the subject never came up! We were too busy discussing cars!

Now I am going to post this entry and get myself to bed. My head is pounding due to being so tired. I hope to sleep well tonight. Tomorrow after work I am meeting up with T - it's been ages since we've hung out. We're hitting a few thrift stores and then having din together. I love love love her little girl but it will be nice getting some one on one time. Some real talk.

I feel I had something else to add but my fuzzy head refuses to remember! Til next time then!

9:57 p.m. - 2018-08-01


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