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And *poof* just like that vacay is over

2 weeks never goes by this fast....when I am working. Am I right or am I right in this? But it was a sweet 2 weeks in which I de-stressed and just enjoyed life. I'm not saying I didn't have stress but the every day work life stress was gone which makes life that much sweeter. I'm trying to be all zen about going back to work tomorrow and not bitter and pissy. It also helps that in 2 weeks I am off for another week of vacation.

So my vacation. A short re-cap. The first week off I got to just chill and do things around the house- but really mostly chill. And if I am being completely honest I can't even really remember what I did that week! I did have my appt with the specialist and he said all was good with my face! I'm just supposed to massage it several times a day for like 6 weeks to help it heal. So yay for that. Afterwards Keith and I went to a nearby town at some thrift stores he had never been to and everything we bought was much cheaper than we thought. I guess it was some sale day in that town. My best purchase was a dress for my parents anniversary. It was $15 but 20% off that. It also still had the price tag on it from one of my favourite stores and it was originally $99 - score!

I did spend the last few days of the week packing for our road trip vacation. It actually turned out better than I had hoped. It wasn't perfect by any means but all my planning wasn't for naught. We started in the Falls and went to my family reunion which ran over by a few hours which rarely happens. It wouldn't have been a bad thing except my parents were driving home and I stayed up until 1:30am worrying about them until I got a text that they made it home safe and sound. Our first hotel was absolutely horrible. Disgusting and the worst sleep because the beds were so hard. I refused to walk on the carpet without shoes. It was gross. I had booked it on my hotel site I use and had made the mistake of booking a place that was non-refundable. I never do that. It was a cluster f*ck from the start (I had also booked the wrong dates) so I was just glad once we checked out of that placed and vowed never again to stay there (and be more careful next time I'm booking on that site).

By comparison the place we stayed at in T dot was like a little slice of heaven. The king size bed was plush and comfy and the room was so big it was like living in an apartment. The pool was clean and had a zen garden outside the glass windows plus the jacuzzi was amazing on our sore beat up bodies.

Our 3rd hotel was one I wished I had booked for a longer stay. We stayed 2 nights but 3 would have been optimal. It had a small kitchenette and a balcony overlooking the lake. There was a pool on site and the beach was a 5 minute drive as was into town. We also went on our sunset boat cruise which was a shit load of money cause we went for dinner but it was full of amazing views and something new for us.

We then topped off our road trip by stopping to visit my fam. It was a nice informal visit and we quite enjoyed just hanging with everyone. The next morning everyone had to be off super early (my parents at 6am and my bro and his fam by 8:15) so we were also out of there early which was great. Although we made so many stops on our drive home we still didn't get home til almost dinner time!

Yesterday I had been hoping for a chill easy day to just unwind and catch up on laundry etc but we were heading out to the Farm to see Keith's side of the fam. We were supposed to go early to help with clearing out the house and barn but Keith and I were both like - no - we would go and help as best we can but we couldn't do early. We arrived around 2:30 - we also had gone an hour out of our way to pick up one of his brother's who is on bad terms with everyone. Things got heated at one point and he left around 4 - on foot. We are in the country - nearest town about an hour on foot. Around 6 Keith went for a drive to find him but came back without him. Half an hour later he walked in. 15 minutes later everyone piled into cars and headed to the cemetery for the internment service for Keith's mom. It was emotional but it was a nice little service.

We all went back to the farm and had a huge bonfire. Keith and I had been up in the air about spending the night. Our tent is buried in our basement and the rooms at the Farm are horrible to sleep in. Keith wanted to drive back and doesn't drink with his new diet so he offered to drive us back. At 12 we woke up his brother who had refused to come out to the bonfire and went and slept on the couch instead all night. He didn't want to leave with us. I told K's sisters, who quarrel horribly with him whenever they are together, and they were not letting him stay there overnight. Mainly because he would have no way home the next day. So they woke him and for the next hour major drama ensued - yelling and screaming and fighting and more storming off. We finally got him in the car and dropped off at home and we were in bed by 2:30. What a night.

To top it off he left his wallet at the Farm. So I figured out a solution - we were able to get the wallet dropped off to us and would drop it off to him today. Except when Keith text him he didn't answer. So no wallet for him today!

Today I did a bit of cleaning and then spent the afternoon outside reading. I am hoping I'll be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow it's back to routine and back to the gym. I'm a little afraid to step on the scale. I have been carbing out on this vacation. Keith stuck to his diet. Everyone went on about how much weight he has lost. It wasn't til I was looking at pics while we are the Farm of him about 10 years ago that I realized holy sh*t he has lost of ton of weight! When you live with someone you really don't see it.

Alright time to wrap this up and shut down the computer. A little big bro and then off to dreamland!

8:05 p.m. - 2018-08-19


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