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I've worn work gloves for way too many hours this wknd

Okay I am going to try and type an entry but my fingers are not working the best right now. This evening I got up off the couch, threw on some gardening gloves, grabbed the large clippers and began to trim the hell out of the bird bush at the front of our house. We call it that as it's always filled with birds (duh). But it grows so fast and Keith and I are not the types to be out puttering in our yard - at all. He will mow the lawn because he has to and I will pull weeds because I have to but that's about it. By pull weeds I mean the ones that grow thru our fence and brush against our cars. Or the ones that grow up beside the house. Not actual weeds in a garden. Heck no.

So anywho I guess I did too much as when I was done I couldn't put my hands together to make them into a scoop to rinse my sweaty face. My hands refuse to work. They are all spasmy. It may also have something to do with yesterday.

We were out at the Farm and spent 5 hours hauling rubbish and crap and wood to various piles and bins cleaning out the barn of 40 years worth of crap. It was disgusting and back breaking work. I haven't been to the gym in weeks so doing this has left me a bit......sore. SO SORE! Probably shouldn't have trimmed the bird bush tonight but I had the motivation and time and Lord knows when those 2 things are together I have to do it.

Keith is way more sore than I am. Long weekends are always brutal work wise, as it's usually double the amount of work in one day and it leaves him tired and sore. Adding on the barn yesterday and today he was down for the count. He would have liked to rest but......he had to work on my jeep.

Yes. Seriously. I am so mad at myself. Yesterday it began to rain while we were at the farm so I ran and rolled the windows up and then proceeded to leave the key in the ignition - on - so it drained the battery. We didn't notice til we went to leave last night at 9pm. There were plenty of people and vehicles around so we were given a jump and it started. But the drive home was horrible. The jeep had little power and couldn't get up to 80km the speed limit. We had even pulled over and sat for a while.

Keith remembered reading something a while back about how the vehicle has to be reset as it is in some kind of emergency mode. So he tried resetting it when we got home but when he got up this morning the check engine light was still on. I went into a tailspin because every damn time I'm on vacation something goes wrong with a vehicle!! Does the Universe not want me to have vacation? Yah I was going off the deep end. So Keith went back out and then came back in and said we'd have to take it for a drive.

When we did the light stayed off and the jeep drove smoothly and was able to get up to speed with no problem and the rpm's stayed within range. I sure as hell hope it's still good tomorrow. We drove around for about half an hour on regular roads and highways and all seemed well.....but I'm still going to be cautious the next few days.....and never - ever - leave my keys in the ignition again!

Ok my arms are less spasmy but they would like to rest. Plus I am now all stuffed up because those damn weeds I was cutting down. I just realized I've been scratching my eyes since I walked back into the house - allergies - duh.

Tomorrow is half errand half relaxation day. I have to go to the motor vehicle place and get stickers for the cars then I have to drop some food off at the food shelter (with Keith not eating many carbs I would rather donate what I can now than throw it out later). I sure hope he can eat more carbs someday. But I know he wants to keep this up until he sees his Specialist in October and talks to her about where she wants him to be number wise and then he can play around with different foods.

So after the errands I have a facial at 1pm and then a massage at 4pm. I cannot wait for the massage - have I mentioned how sore I am? But as is my luck. when we left yesterday it was overcast and raining but as we worked like dogs the sun came out in full force and guess who has a sunburn on her neck and chest? I'm really hoping the neck will have calmed down enough to be rubbed tomorrow!

Time to go take a claritin, a pain pill, a martini, anything to stop the allergies and the pain. Ah well at least I'm on vacation this week!

8:42 p.m. - 2018-09-03


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