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Hello debt my old friend

Satur-yay! I am wiped. It was a late night last night. Friday night was book club. As per usual we spent more time talking about life then about the book but that was ok cause I was in the minority and did not enjoy the book. These women pick the most boring or traumatic books to read! I can't complain too much otherwise I would have to host (host gets to pick the book). I can't host until we have a basement.

Speaking of renovations - it's on! So last Monday I did indeed call in to work and took a Wellness day. I then took myself out to breakfast (although next time I will need to ask for well cooked bacon because for the first time ever I left bacon on the plate! I did go home after my 2 cups of coffee and a third in my hand and cleaned our house to get ready for the contractors to come on Tuesday.

They came to discuss putting up new siding. We then asked about a new roof. Then we asked about new windows - 7 in total. When all was said and done it's going to be a crazy amount of money - over $25,000. They do a financing plan that is very reasonable and you can pay extra without penalty. Keith and I hesistated only for a moment. All of this work needs to be done - okay maybe all except the windows they could maybe wait a few more years but we know that in a few more years they will be more expensive and something else will have come up or whatever. Plus when putting on new siding it makes sense to do the windows first for framing and capping and all the other stuff I don't really understand.

The work should start in 6-8 weeks which is fine with us. The more time the better in my opinion. Our plan is to pay off the Jeep with our huge bi-weekly chunks of money and once that is done we will throw those payments over to the renovations. Scary but necessary.

After book club last night (I drove) my neighbour invited me in for a glass of wine - it was around 11:10 by this point. I stumbled home at 1:30 then spent the next hour cleaning a bit so the windows could be measured in the morning. I went to bed around 3 and was up at 7:30. The window guy came at 8 and he was gone by 8:15. I tried to nap all day but my body was having none of it.

Why did I try to nap? Cause I had plans tonight! T and C were taking me out for my b-day. I sort of new what we were doing but didn't let on how much. It was a murder mystery dinner theatre and it was a hoot! I loved every second of it! It was at a casino and afterwards we walked over and used our $10 voucher. C wandered off on her own and came back with $400 ten minutes later. She said she used her $10 and then put in $20 and then won. Oooooookay. T and I walked out with zero cents in our pockets. The rich get richer I guess.

C was very accomodating and picked me up and dropped me off. It was a great night and those 2 actually put some thought into doing something they knew I would love which just makes me appreciate them even more.

And now I must say adieu because my eyes are closing and I am going to fall alseep typing this entry.y.y. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:52 p.m. - 2018-09-22


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