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Dland tells me it's been 42 days since I've updated! I didn't update once in October! Well let's recap then shall we?

Thanksgiving - it was a great weekend. Great food and time with family. A few of us took a walk after dinner (mostly it was to get my nephews out of the house so they could run off some energy). During that walk we snapped a few pictures and I have since thrown away the sweater that I thought was a bit too snug but still looked good on me. Live and learn. We also picked names for our x-mas exchange. My mom was adament it would just be family this year and unlike last year not her old friend from work - queue the record scratch because I have NEVER included this lady in our gift exchange. My sil and I guessed that my parents included her last year on their own since they were running the show.

I went with C and saw Jann @rden perform. Hot damn that woman can sing. I mean yah on cd's etc is a given but performing live she blew me away. The pipes on her were incredible. And she's quite a funny lady as well. I knew a few of her songs but hadn't listened to any of her albums. In the weeks leading up I was like a student studying for a test, every morning at work I would play her newest album and came to love all the songs and was probably one of the few who could sing along with her at the concert. I also purchased said album at the concert that was signed by her so that was cool.

The day after the concert I went to another Author night with my friend M from belly dancing days. The author was [email protected] Mort-on and the place was packed! I managed to snag us front rown seats as people never want to be the ones to sit front row at free events. All it takes is a few people to sit and everyone else quickly fills in the rest of the row. Kate was an interesting author. I had never read one of her books but only days before the library book I had requested had come in and I could not put it down! It was a great read and I am hooked. Which leads me to....

The book sale. C and I went again this year. We drove up and were super surprised no one else was in the parking lot - we walked to the building and there was a smattering of people but normally it's a huge line. Turns out we had just beat the crowd as the line quickly formed behind us and the parking lot filled in shortly. I was smart this year and bought a second hand bag on wheels and it was the best thing ever. I actually bought 2 and C borrowed the second one. I filled mine. I bought a ton of Kate M books! Also a few Karen [email protected] books the first author we had went and listened to. I have a book signed by her but didn't do the same for Kate for two reasons. Her line up was effin huge and her book was super expensive. I like you but um yah. Needless to say I have been a reading machine the last month or so. As I told Keith I am barely watching an hour a day of tv if that because I've been busy going out and when I'm not out I'm reading!

Speaking of going out. I could have went to a fun halloween party but drew a blank when T asked me to babysit the weekend before Halloween. So I babysat her kid and she and her husband and T's mom and her guy went out and had a spooky good time. I don't regret it. I was super tired as I had been visiting my friend S the night before for a halloween movie night - drinking and staying up late but we did manage to fit in some thrift store shopping before I had to leave to babysit. Speaking of which I found it funny when T mentioned last week that she and her hubby are now on the annual list to be invited back to this halloween party as the couple is picky about who they invite. I didn't have the heart to tell her it won't be me babysitting next year! I will be going to my own halloween party if I remember to write it down!

I'm out of order but I should mention Oktoberfest! Because for the first time in a long time we went out and had a super fun night!! We went to a place close by our house that just opened. Our neighbours daughter drove us and picked us up. I"m not going to lie I was feeling no pain the whole night! It was like the old days - we dance we drank and we just had a good time. My neighbour did tattle when a guy sidled up to our table and we chatted for a bit - she sent her husband a text telling him some guy was hitting on me. Keith and her husband were off getting drinks (the line ups were ridiculous). Keith knew he had nothing to worry about. Funny enough the guy left to go get a drink or something and I left to go wander with S and when we came back about half an hour later they all told me he came back and asked where I was and told T no offence but your friend was fun to talk to or something like that and left the group. Ha.

The actual halloween night which is Keith's favourite holiday almost didn't happen as it rained ALL day but finally stopped late afternoon so he was able to put out all the decorations. We were THE house on the block and Keith got a kick out of people stopping to take pictures and having their kids pose in front of different stuff. We had about 70 kids which is good for our neighbourhood. We are on a crescent so we are normally skipped but luckily we are near enough to the main street to draw people in with the loud music and bright lights lol.

This past weekend was a hard one. Keith's family home sold. Now it is hard for me or frustrating I should say as I don't want to be the sil that sticks her nose in but my husband is not the chatty type - esp via text. He will say as little as possible. So I let him handle the arrangements of us going up this weekend. I had been told it was a last get together and sort of a belated Thanksgiving. It wasn't. Turns out it was a work weekend! We were cleaning out the last of the house which was still quite a bit. Luckily I was dressed to work but knowing this would have been nice. We did eventually sit down to a meal - I was starving by this point - then everyone started drinking. Keith had told me he didn't want to stay the night and I respected his wishes so I didn't drink as I knew I had to drive as Keith had very little sleep and had worked that day. We did end up staying til midnight. I felt bad because I know his family would have liked for us to stay but it wasn't my decision and I wasn't going to bug or cajole Keith into it. This is his family and if this is how he wants to handle it I will respect it. When it comes to my family? I am ALL over staying the night etc and he goes along with it.

I had told a friend I thought this weekend would be super emotional as I felt that not only was everyone saying good bye to the house they would essentially be saying goodbye to their mom. I was wrong cause we were all too busy working to be emotional! I bet they all were today though! Anywho my friend had said I bet Keith's mom will send you a sign - she believes in that sort of thing. This was via email so I didn't really respond to that. Fast forward to Keith and I standing in the kitchen saying goodbye to everyone. There was a pause in conversation and I just started to look around and said out loud "goodbye house, I will miss you. I"ve had some good memories here" and as I paused the light behind me in the living room blew. Like the moment I stopped talking. We all sat there sort of in shock and I then told them about my friend and what she said and a few of us did tear up in fact! We then joked around for a few minutes about their mom and it was just a nice way to leave things.

Today Keith's dad called - he wasn't there last night - he was teary when he spoke to Keith as the house is handed off tomorrow. His dad also told Keith that he is going to the lawyers tomorrow and wants to give all his kids some money from the sale of the house now. Keith's not sure how much. But he also asked Keith if he would be the person to control his brother's portion because he can't be trusted with money. This is the brother who stood Keith up when he offered to help him move (he wasn't there last night because nobody wanted him there) That seems like a huge battle and headache Keith (and I guess me too) will be having depending on how much money it is.

Alright. I have to go to bed! It's 11:25! Alright technically it's 10:25 with the time change but all the same I need my beauty sleep! I"m not getting any younger!

9:48 p.m. - 2018-11-04


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