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Food with another Michael in the Falls

I've been meaning to write an entry and I can't really blame it on the lack of time - even though my evenings feel mighty short - mostly it's due to being too lazy to turn on the computer in the evenings.

For shits and giggles I was just looking at MB tix for a concert 3 hours away on a Thursday in December - I'm adorable. I have no sick days left plus on the Friday I have a Specialist appt so that concert is not going to happen. I mean I am seeing him a week before so I was just being greedy.

Although it was a nice stress releaser just the thought of going to a 2nd concert. This week has been stressful at work. Just new processes being thrown at my department - 3 processes in 2 weeks and the last one will be a major impact on my job and the other 2 just time consuming. Ah well time to start practice what I'm preaching to everyone else - do what you can do and don't worry about the rest. I did though send an email to a couple managers stating that I was overwhelmed with all the changes. I had to push myself to do it because I am not one to say these things. But I'm getting older and bolder it seems. They asked for questions so I sent a few along with my unsolicited comments.

So last weekend Keith and I went to the Falls. I came home from work on Friday the 16th to find Keith sitting in the living room, he just sort of looked over at me and said "I'm having a sad day". It would have been his mom's birthday. I sat beside him giving hugs and we chatted for a bit. Then I dragged him out to the event happening in the town T's store is located . Normally C and I go to this event on opening night - Thursday - but it snowed like a mo-fo. It wasn't so much the accumulation but the fact that it made the roads super greasy then super slick. I left work and my 10 minute drive took me over an hour. It was hell. Anyway needless to say C and I cancelled our plans and stayed home. So instead I took Keith out and distracted him for a couple hours.

His boss gave him Saturday off so we got up at a decent time and were on the road by 10 and we had a fun afternoon getting to the Falls and making several stops along the way. We arrived at our hotel at 4 the actual check in time which we never do - normally it's earlier. We were second in line and within minutes the lobby filled up with a ton of people to check in. At first they couldn't find my reservation and I didn't print it out - I ALWAYS do but not this time. But luckily she found it but then said our room wasn't ready but we could store our luggage and go to our event. Good idea except we were getting dressed up for this glitzy event. The woman found us a room and it was the one I booked (jacuzzi tub) so I was happy. After resting and changing we headed over on foot to the event.

It was a bit chaotic. So many ppl milling around but looking lost and bored. We got our free drinks (2 tickets per person) and found a spot to sit. After about half an hour I asked Keith if he wanted to go and meet chef Michael as there was a line up. He wanted to. We had a felt a little weird as we didn't buy the $40 cook book so we had nothing for him to sign. But we ended up taking a pic with him and having a little chat so that was nice. People started to disappear into the back where the tables were but since the chef was still there I sort of wanted to wait which turns out was a good idea as he gave a speech and spoke to the remaining people for a little bit. We did head back and gave our table # which NO one could find. It was table 43 which I guess stopped existing. In one section of this huge restaurant was long tables and round tables where they sat people and in another section were intimate booths and by intimate I mean they had curtains you could close! It was so cool. I was sure we were going to sit at a long table but to my surprise and delight we were sat in an intimate booth!

The menu was very interesting. The soup and salad courses were not my favourite. The main entree involving a braised turkey was SO DAMN GOOD! The dessert was also amazing. Michael made sure to come around to every single table during the 3 hour meal. We spoke to him again just before dessert. I got him to sign my menu. He was a really down to earth guy and so nice. After the meal we strolled over to the casino so I could sign up to be a member (I'm hoping if MB performs there I will get advance notice) then I blew $10 in the slot machine before calling it a night and walking back to our hotel.

Sunday night I woke up at 4am and had every weight of the world on my mind. I got up and walked around and sat in the living room hoping to get sleepy. Then I went back to bed and read for a while. Then I tried to sleep until my alarm was set to go off. With a throbbing head I called in sick to work using up my last sick day! I didn't even go back to bed as I was too awake after 4 hours sleep according to my fit bit. Instead I spent the majority of the day cleaning our house. It was a productive day but I still felt bad using a sick day right now. I sure hope I don't need an actual sick day til 2019! Although I'm really not all that worried I have vac I can use and if that were to fail I have attendance credits that are a thing of the past except for those of us who have been there forever.

So my 4 day work week has now turned into a 3 as I am off tomorrow! But I am still getting up at the same time and out of the house around the same time as well except I will be driving 45 minutes to go and volunteer at the shoebox. I'm not too impressed with where the warehouse is this year but I know it's hard to find a large FREE empty warehouse to use. Once I'm done I will be coming back home to bake a batch of cookies to give to my belly dance girls.

The plan is to be picked up at my house Saturday morning along with another girl and the 3 of us will drive to T dot to meet our 4th friend and then we'll go have lunch and catch up! I figure it's the perfect time to give them a small x-mas gift (baking) and a card.

Well I think I will be smart and head to bed. I have a book to finish (so I can return it to one of the girls on Saturday) and I have been getting less than my 8 hours all week so I need some extra zzzz time! Peace out!

8:44 p.m. - 2018-11-22


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