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2019 - be nice k?

2019! Already? *Poof* just like that the holidays are over once again. NYE turned out to be a pretty fun night. I worked the whole day til 4:30 (even though I did not take one call or do one iota of work from 3pm-4:30). The weather was horrible - raining and super dark out so driving there wasn't all that fun cause I don't know about you but I like to see the lines when I"m driving down a super busy highway. But we made it there safe and sound. I drove to S' then we carpooled over in her mini-van. Keith and I had so much stuff. My friend had one small bag and 2 little shopping bags with next to nothing in it. She is the queen of packing light. Of course we were told to bring pillows and blankets and we also brought our air mattress just in case. Plus our wii which we didn't use. Ah well we'll never be the light packers.

We not only made it to midnight we made it to 4am. Yah it was a fun night. Unfortunately not such a fun morning - for Keith. He was sick to his stomach a couple times and had to take some nausea meds for the drive home. I was tired after only 4 hours sleep but felt great. Luckily the meds helped him and by the time we were home he was ok and able to eat dinner and was in bed nice and early. Thankfully today was his regular day off so he didn't have to work. I on the other hand had to head into the office to get yelled at by pissed off people who didn't want to be at work either. By my final call at 4:10 I had had enough and ended up telling the caller I was upset by their remarks and by the end of the call the caller apologized for upsetting me which was nice of him and I accepted his apology. That sort of call is very rare normally I just stew but today I had had enough. As it was turns out I wasn't supposed to be on phones all day but my team wasn't sent the email advising of this until we inquired around 3pm. Yah. Long day. These 3 days are gonna be hell I just know.

So - resolutions. Anyone? Are we all over them? I didn't so much make a resolution as tell Keith that come the new year I want to drop some carbs and eat more like him. The blood sugar is under control for me but I need to lose some weight. Plus I'm trying to get in fighting form to see if I"m eligible to give my dad a kidney. So I guess it's sort of a resolution?

I also told Keith we have got to start de-cluttering and for the love of God finish our basement! I just can't. I love that man to the moon and back but we need to just force ourselves to buckle down. Easier said than done because we both love to jump in the vehicle and take off for an afternoon and go have fun. The up and downside of having no responsiblity for pets or people I guess!

I'm in the thick of planning our girl trip this month for C's 50th birthday celebration. I made a bunch of notes at work to take home then promptly forgot when I left because of my last call of the day.

I went out shopping tonight to purchase a black undergarment (bra). The underwire in mine snapped on the weekend (at the party). I thought there would be more deals out there but there really isn't (not the bras the clothes). I did buy a pair of jeans for $10 so I guess that was a deal. They even ripped them for me at the knees so that was nice of them.

What else? I have to take down x-mas this weekend. I was going to leave the tree up but I"m not feeling it. I didn't do half the decorating I normally do. I think I was just sick of the clutter in our living room. So I will put everything back into the tubs tell Keith he can move it all back into the storage room in the basement and take away his excuse he has no room to work down there.

Alright I feel the crankiness overtaking me , it's bedtime. I"m really cranky because I felt I only had 2 days left of work but realized it was 3 half way thru today. That is a mood killer.

9:49 p.m. - 2019-01-02


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