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A weekend of being super lazy!

This weekend I had grand plans to 'take down Christmas'. I got about 25% of that done....maybe 40 - I'm bad at math. Saturday I got up relatively early - 9am - showered and dressed and headed into the living room. After a few minutes of walking aimlessly around the house I grabbed a book and sat down and began to read. Fast forward to a day later (today) I put that book down after I finished the last page. Ha - haven't read a book in 2 days in a while.

Why did I spend my weekend reading? In a nutshell: Sick Husband. He has a miserable cold and you guessed it, he's miserable. He played his game on the computer (which is hooked up to our main tv) while I sat beside him reading my book - that was our weekend. He did have naps today and I ate a lot of bad food whenever he went to sleep. I really need to get my act together and just quit it already. Tomorrow I go back to the gym - NO EXCUSES!

Salads and exercise are on tomorrow's agenda - and making my own coffee. I've been way too liberal with stopping for coffee every morning rather than filling my own thermos. Oh and it's back to wearing work clothes - not jeans.

I did exercise once last week - swimming with T. It was nice to swim again. I hope she can keep it up (busy gal).

Oh speaking of reading, I saw on fb how someone mentioned they met their goal of reading 100 books in 2018, and I thought 'how cool, I should do that'. Then I actually thought of how many books a month that would be and I took a step back. How about 50? Hm still seems like a lot. 25? Why am I stressing over this? So finally I just decided to make a list of how many books I read this year in 2019! The challenge will be in remembering to write the book down when I read it!

I didn't shower today and I am feeling greasy! My hair is like an oil slick. I know it's good to rest the washing of the hair but this is why I don't normally do it.

It's a 4 day work week for me. I set myself up pretty good the next few months. I even have a week off next month. Just because.

Alright I have to end this and try and convince my body it is bedtime. It's going to laugh at me. It's more in the mood for junk food and jersey shore - both are bad for me but oh so good!

10:38 p.m. - 2019-01-06


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