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I think when I make plans the universe chuckles. Monday night I of course got a crappy sleep and by days' end I was done. I half heartedly tried to convince myself to go to the gym and began to rain - freezing rain - sleet - well well well universe you win. I snuggled into my pj's turned on the tv and watched some bad for me tv (jersey shore).

Tuesday I had a bit better sleep (seriously why can't I get 8 hours anymore?) but I didn't have to pretend I was going to the gym as I never go on Tuesday's as it's Keith's night off. Instead I slipped into the pj's and we watched a movie and then you tube videos until 10. I went to bed and immediately my stomach began to cramp and pain began to cascade and ripple inside me. ALL NIGHT LONG. Keith has made it his sole purpose in life to help me forego carbs and eat like him. I've been having salads all week with chicken which is fine. But dinner number one on Monday was ribs which he made lean but still left me feeling a bit off (sensitive to grease). Last night's dinner was beef stroganoff made with super lean meat apparently but instead of noodles he made cabbage. It was super tasty. I actually really enjoyed it. My stomach wanted to kill me. The noises - the pain - the inhumanity!

I got up tho and showered and got ready for work and then *ahem* went to the washroom a few times and finally threw in the towel - I would call in sick to work. I hated doing it because I have limited sick days and using one already is just wow. And using it on actually being sick? Horrible! Keith left to go get his bloodwork done and by the time he was back I was in my pj's and lying on the bed. He asked if I was going to try and rest and I said yes. Fast forward to 2.5 hours later and I woke up out of such a solid deep sleep I felt 100% better. I should mention my stomach is still a bit off but no more pain and cramping. I am just so happy it happened today. Tomorrow would have been horrible. I have plans - fun plans.

First I'm going for a haircut at 4pm (checking out of work half an hour early). Then I'm meeting T for dinner and then swimming with probably a bit of thrift store browsing squeezed in if we have time. Then Friday I am off. But I am totally committed to taking down the rest of x-mas. No excuses. Plus the sooner I pack it back up in the bins the sooner Keith can't use that as an excuse for not working on the basement. He'll have to come up with another!

I just hope my stomach stops talking to me soon. It's grumbly. Not hungry just vocal. For din tonight we had an omelet with a slice of ham (no toast or carbs). This man is killing me! And I kind of wish I had more to write about than stomach issues but it is what it is to quote another d-land pal ; )

Now I will go and try and be productive until bedtime (I don't hold out much hope for that).

7:14 p.m. - 2019-01-09


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