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Renovations....just the beginning

A five day work week that went fast? Interesting. It's been a busy week. Monday I spent calling around first to the reno people to find out that yes the roofers will be here on Tuesday and yes they were supposed to stay in touch with us the whole time but didn't. I also made calls to have our car towed. I found a company and booked it. That night I tore the house apart trying to find the ownership for the car. We took it out when we bought the jeep but we have no idea where it is. Then Keith got upset with me for even doing this whole car thing in the middle of the renos - meanwhile he spent over an hour in the cold and dark draining the car of the full gas tank and importing it into his car. Then the very next day while I'm at work I get a text saying that towing the car was a good idea after all because we are getting 2 large bins in our driveway. Men. I really want to print that text out and frame it.

So I told my boss I would be in late on Tuesday due to the roofers. I sat and waited in our living room for them. They were to arrive at 8am. At 9am Keith arrived home (he went in super early to work and moved some deliveries around). I left for work and he kept vigil. At 10:30 they arrived. Not impressed with these people at all. Plus all they came to do was measure the roof and left for the day! A little damn communication would go a long way is all I'm saying. Sure hope they don't ask me for a testamonial or whatever it's called!

Wednesday I wandered around the house after Keith went to bed and looked for any reason to not go to the gym. After a while I faced the facts - it was time to go back to the gym - I ran out of excuses. So I went. I worked out. Just 30 minutes on the treadmill, some very light weights for my arms and then stretched. I felt great. I then went to the grocery store real quick on my way home and made it home with 20 minutes to spare to call my mom. Then I lost my shit because I had lost my cell phone. I was freaking out. My license and debit card are both in it. I looked in my jeep many times and finally decided to drive to the grocery store where I last had it but as I walked out to the jeep in our driveway there it was - on the ground beside my jeep - where I had stood and already looked. Sigh. I didn't care I was just happy to have it again.

Thursday I went swimming with T. It's nice that she's been able to keep it up. We met at the thrift store where I found a pair of cute brown boots, 3 tops, 1 sweater, 1 pair of pants and a new game for my nephew for $30. Crazy awesome. It was a good stress reliever after the week I've had!

Friday - today! I again went to the gym this evening AFTER finding the car ownership! I again tore my house apart and still couldn't find it. Keith and I were discussing where it could be and I said something like the only place we haven't looked is in the corolla (his car) and he was like why would it be there? Because you drove me to pick up the jeep and may have just put it in your car. Well lo and behold I was right AGAIN! Damn I"m good! Then I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for almost an hour. Although I was texting for a lot of it so I put in the extra time. Texting with my sil about my niece who hurt herself at work. Offering advice etc.

And now I am sitting here catching up with dland peeps and listening to my MB on the new alexa speaker Keith got. He's addicted to that contraption. We have one in nearly every room. I'm not gonna lie I like it for playing my music when he's not home and blasting it in all the rooms.

Tomorrow the roofers are coming back as they couldn't complete it today. Bet they aren't happy to be working on a Saturday. It's supposed to get super cold here the next few days and of course the weather people are calling for snow-ma-geddon or you know back in the day "winter weather". Seriously people it's winter - we get snow!

10:27 p.m. - 2019-01-18


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