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I broke the streak

Well the roofers did not come back on Saturday - too cold and snowy. I even made sure to be up by 9 and dressed just in case. I wasted the time til Keith got home doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen - time well spent I guess. Once he got home we headed out into the crappy weather and went and ran a few errands. One involved picking up a ring I had bought on the down low but the courier service ruined that for me by trying to deliver when we weren't home. And this depot was in the most inconvenient area. After our errands we got home just after lunch and just relaxed until it was time to put on dinner - a huge pot of chili - or 2 pots I should say. Keith makes his with less beans and no onion. Din that night was delicious but I ate too much so my tum felt fall all night. We watched a comedian on flix then called it a night (for Keith) I stayed up til midnight.

Sunday we had bacon for breakfast (plus eggs for me) or for brunch by the time we ate. Then we went out to shovel the driveway and start our vehicles in the freezing cold. We then went out for just a little bit to the game store for Keith as he had bought a nintendo switch on Saturday using our points for most of the purchase. At the game store he bought a game and a travelling case. Then it was back home to chill and watch a movie before dinner. Dinner was left over chili for me and soup for Keith.

I tried going to bed early and did have the lights out by 11 but by midnight my stomach began to give me issues like it did a week or so ago. Pains and quite a bit of uncomfortable burping. From 12 to 1 I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom. Then around 1:30 I was caught unawares and had to run to the bathroom and this time toss my cookies. I haven't thrown up in probably 7 or more years. Last night I did it many times over and over. I ended up waking Keith up with my um noise of it all. Finally around 3 I was exhausted and able to take a couple of pepto pills. I slept fitfully til my alarm went off at 7 and then called in sick. I mean it took me several moments to try and figure out what the sound was when my alarm was going off so I knew I was in no shape to get up and go to work. I slept for a couple more hours then got up and showered as I was a hot mess and felt and looked horrible.

I spent the day binging a series I had recorded back in September on my pvr. I ate very little all day - dry cheerios and toast. This evening we went to our chiro appointment and then out for dinner. So far so good. I am paranoid about going to bed I'm not going to lie. I mean I know it's not going to happen again.....most likely. But I despise throwing up. I just have no idea why it happened. Something with the chili even though I had it the day before and we didn't leave it out? A bug of some sort? Last weekend my sil said she had something similar and Keith is pretty sure he had some sort of bug on new years and it wasn't booze related. Who knows? I just really hope it doesn't happen again any time soon!

Poor T she's probably wondering what she got herself into this weekend - C with her heart issues and me being a puking mess!

Plus now I'm out the rest of my lunches for the week as you guessed it I was going to have chili - but I cannot look at that for a Very long time which is a good thing cause Keith said he won't be making it again for a Very long time!

8:02 p.m. - 2019-01-21


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