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Respect the Silence

I have the post weekend blues - kind of like x-mas - because I have been planning C's b-day for so long (since September) that it's hard to believe it's over - but more on that in a bit. Let's go in in order shall we?

Thursday I got very little work done. A small party for my boss (her ex employees were throwing it) and it was awkward as all get out. My co-worker and I basically sat watching them have a team meeting because we were told to join them but they didn't get to the food (our reason for going) for a good hour! Good thing she's my boss and knows why I got so little work done. I also left early to go to the doctor with Keith. He checked out the mole and is sending him to a specialist to get it checked. As for the lump I had Keith turn around and said something to the doctor about how when I scratch his back at night I feel this lump and all my doctor had to say was 'you scratch his back every night?'. Um okay. Not why we are here! But basically he said it was a lipoma without even touching it so okay. Not feeling the most confident about that answer. Keith may get a 2nd opinion.

Friday I got up early and was going to take myself to breakfast while out running errands. The parking lot of my restaurant was so packed there was not one spot left. Hm. So I ran my errands, Keith came home from work and we decided to go out to lunch. Again this restaurant was packed but a few spots left so we went in. We then realized it was a PA day for the kids so the whole city was not eating at home today. At 4 Keith dropped me off at T's work and we picked up her kid, dinner and went to her house to wait for C. C got there and then we waited and waited for her hubby to get home to watch the kid so we could leave. Turns out he got caught at work. So much for leaving early and driving in daylight! Instead we left at like 7 and drove in a snow storm. But we made it there in one piece even though we were all a little batty as we listened to the same Offspring cd over and over as none of us could figure out the stereo system. I was going with it as it was a good cd.

Before we left I gave C a copy of our itinerary of her weekend. She didn't jump up and down about it but she seemed happy enough (I would have loved a squeal or two just saying). Saturday morn we were up at 8 and out the door by 8:40 - arriving at the spa at 8:55 - doors opened at 9. The parking lot was packed. There was a huge line outside the spa. We joined the line and about 6 people ahead of us we were told was the cut off point - everyone else including us would be on a waiting list and they could text us when a spot opened - in about 4 or so hours!

When they came to take our number I asked about the massages we had booked for T and C and found out they could enter now. The girl left and came back and said I too would be able to enter with them (shew). So we stood in line for about 45 minutes and froze our asses off waiting to get in to register. I wore the worst boots to stand in line. Fashion over function in a city that relies on snow for their tourism is a very bad idea. Lesson learned!

We had an amazing time at this spa. They had 3 warm pools and 3 cold pools all different temps. 2 saunas and 1 steam room. Also 3 relaxation rooms I believe. You went from warm pool or sauna and then would go into a cold pool for minimum 10 seconds. While C and T got their massages I checked out a few saunas and warm pool (and even a cold!) and then went to a relaxation room and read my book for a while. We then grabbed a lunch at their bistro and the food was so damn good! Then back to the waters for a while longer (C bowed out so T and I spent about half an hour or so on our own). I had a great time and so did T, I hope C did too. Oh I should also mention talking was not allowed at this spa - you could whisper if you wanted - Respect The Silence became our little joke for the weekend.

We got back to the hotel around 3ish - snacked and watched some tv and then got ready for dinner. I feel bad because the dinner was not what I wanted it to be. T and I both got glitzed up and C wore a nice shirt so her version of glitzed I guess. The restaurant was way more casual than I thought it would be and a party of 8 teenagers were sat beside us and they were squealy and loud and just being teenagers. I had brought C's cake and C who normally goes and smokes after every meal just sat there until I finally ordered her to go outside and smoke! When she came back in we had the cake set out and lit the candle. But we were all too stuffed to eat it so we packed it back up for later. She did open her gift - the necklace I bought months and months ago with her favourite saying - again didn't get one squeal out of her.

We paid the bill and left and headed back to the hotel. Once back we all got in our pj's and hunkered down for the night. It was 7:30. Oy. Lame. We popped the champagne and sat back and watched a movie on tv that turned out not to be that bad. By 11 we were all nodding off and headed to bed.

There were 2 beds and a pullout couch. First night I slept in the bed and C snored like a freight train. The second night T got the bed and I got the pullout couch - further away from C. T then snored like a freight train. I even got up and tried to shake the bed she was on but then ended up falling on her leg - she didn't even pause in her snoring or wake up! Needless to say both nights I slept like crap but had the bonus of waking up sore from the bed oh and from the spa!

Funny store both C and T were trying to figure out why their muscles were so sore from the spa and that it must have had something to do with the toxins in their body and the different temp of the waters. Finally I told them it's because we spent like 4 hours climbing in and out of pools and walking up and down the hill to the saunas etc and all of us are office workers who sit for 8 hours - we are out of shape! Not sure how well they took that - they are probably both still in denial!

Sunday C had us up at 8am for no reason except that she had been up since 7 and downstairs drinking coffee. She then spent the next 3 hours basically pacing and giving off the vibe of totally wanting to leave. She can never 'just be'. She has always been like this - no matter where you go she is always read to leave or be on to the next thing. No wonder she has anxiety or heart issues or whatever she has! Girl has got to learn to relax!

I sent them on their way at 11 and then spent the next half hour rushing to get ready and out of the room by checkout at 11:30. As it turns out Keith was running late due to bad weather and arrived about 11:50. We were supposed to have a nice lunch somewhere but instead grabbed Wendy's and hit the road as we knew the weather would be an issue and it was. It was so bad at one point even I considered turning around. I could not see the road due to the snow - total white out. But we continued on and made it to the church with half an hour to spare.

And watching my brother become a reverend was worth every second of that crazy drive. The service was emotional and beautiful. We were going to leave before the dinner but the weather had eased up and dinner was being served right away so we stayed for just a short while and then hit the road home. Thankfully the roads were clear and the highways were even dry. I normally take backroads but knew I didn't want to chance it. We got home about 8:45 way past Keith's bedtime but it was worth it. I do admit I need more sleep though. I could not fall asleep right away last night but I have a feeling tonight won't be a problem.

And on that note I am ending this long entry. Great weekend and even though I feel a bit blue over the build up of C's weekend I am also glad it is over. Up until the moment all 3 of us got into T's car I was pretty sure it was going to be cancelled. I am so glad my planning all came together! I sure hope she appreciated it!

7:47 p.m. - 2019-01-28


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