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Now what?

I am in a weird head space right now. As I said to Keith an hour ago, it is so weird not having 'the next big thing' on my mind. Why? Because currently there is no next big thing. I mean I have been on "go" since September with my b-day, my parents anniversary, halloween, x-mas and being up in the air with the house renovations. And C's 50th was taking up a big chunk of my thoughts. Now? I'm free? Bored? I don't know!

I would normally go to the gym tonight but it is hell-a cold and my body refuses to step outside. It's -35 and that is Monday we got major snow starting in the evening. I made it to work Tuesday but a bunch of newbies decided to all call in and hope that our employer wouldn't dock them a sick day. Idiots. Apparently my expertise of being there going on 19 years this March doesn't count. To be fair they didn't ask me and I didn't talk to them just another of their coworkers who wasn't an idiot and came to work but wow just wow.

I was all weird with Keith tonight. I think I"m hyper sensitive because I was talking to a girl at work who is in the middle of getting divorced and found out 3 other women are also getting divorced and it just sort of makes me stop and actually think about your relationship. Am I taking it for granted? Do I take him for granted? Do we talk enough? I think I freaked him out by staring at him rather than my phone - ha.

Tomorrow is my Friday. My last short week for a while. I got a massage planned for Friday as my massage guy had spots available. Then Friday night is book club. It was supposed to be last week but was cancelled. I can't even remember the book I read for it! I will have to google it tomorrow - I have an idea of the topic because I was going to bring up a book I read on the same topic that was WAY better. So I guess that is my lunch time googling for tomorrow!

Then Saturday we are heading to my families, I think, still have to talk to my mom tonight to find out if that works. My brother has another special service this time at his own church. Plus a party for 2 of my nephews. Memo to self - shop for bday gifts on Friday!

Ha - T just text me back - I asked if we were swimming tomorrow and she was all hell no it's too cold!! The cold snap isn't supposed to break til Friday. I called her a wimp. Hello we're Canadian! It's supposed to hurt to breath right?

Alright I"m gonna wrap this up and do some chillaxing before calling the parents. I want to get to bed at a decent hour. I slept over 8 hours last night but I still woke up tired - I hate when that happens. Crap big bro is on tonight gotta watch that. Ah well.

I wasn't sure what music I wanted to listen to tonight (don't tell MB) so told that alexa contraption to play some 90's country music. Pretty damn happy with that choice. Guess I'm just a country girl at heart!

7:55 p.m. - 2019-01-30


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