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2 rants and an ice storm

I am d-o-n-e with winter. Is it to early to say that? Well to bad. But first let's recap!

Friday - my massage was awesome - it's been too long. Afterwards Keith and I decided to go out for an hour or so - we had a miscommunication about lunch - texts - but we grabbed lunch and then headed for a drive and ended up spending the next 4 hours together. We got back and quickly made dinner as I had to head out to bookclub that evening. I sent my neighbour a message as we always carpool. Nada. Nothing. I looked out and her vehicle was gone. Ok. I headed out solo. I asked our host if neighbour was coming and she told me no she had other plans. I am 100% convinced she's pissed at me for saying no to watching her bunnies for 2 weeks in March. I think she's being a bitch but whatev.

I won't believe otherwise because she has not said a peep to me since I sent her the message not even to apologize or what have you. Then at book club in which there were only 3 of us we chatted about the next one and the host point blank asked if I would have it. I said no. I have a house that is naked on the outside. I have trailers living in our driveway full of dead house and I have a whole chaotic mess on the inside as we keep moving things around from room to room and floor to floor to work on different parts of the house and to have room to put in 7 new windows on the main floor of our house. And once that gets done I am going to use every fiber in my being to get Keith and I motivated to go down in that basement and start getting shit done. I've said it before but life is one big waiting game. So no bitchy, over-political, judgemental book club peeps I will not have you at my house. Yet. Someday maybe if I'm still part of it cause right now I'm not feeling that loving feeling towards you.

Ok end of rant! Saturday after Keith was done work we packed the jeep and headed out for the 2nd weekend in a row (see neighbour I go away all the freaking time!! - ahem). We got to my fams and hung out before it was time to go out for dinner and celebrate my nephews b-day as he turned 9 that day. We went to a pizza chain restaurant and by the end I wanted to punch the hostess. Our waitress had ditched us by that point as she had another large group so the hostess 'filled in' basically giving us the bills. Except she hadn't asked if we wanted dessert. She hadn't given the dessert that came with the 2 kids meals and most importantly they were 'too busy' to have everyone come over and clap and sing that damn annoying song that we heard all night long for my 9 year old nephew who was looking so forward to it! I"m just pissed when people are so insensitive. You don't want to sing to an adult? Fine we don't want it either. But a kid? Who loves that shit? You do it. It was her whole snippy attitude that really pissed me off and all week long I talked myself out of sending an email but do you know what I think I might? I will even leave out the particulars as I don't want coupons or other shit I just want them not to let another child down because their staff is too lazy. And yes there were like 4 girls standing at the hostess desk.....because you busy!

Ok end of 2nd rant! Saturday night we played some scrabble and eventually headed to bed at almost a decent time. We all had to be up early. Keith and I packed up the jeep and then picked up my uncle - who I really can't talk about right now as I think I got my bp too high with the above rants. But rather than try and make small talk we listened to comedy for the hour drive so that was good. We went to my brother's first service as a minister in his new church. It was funny cause when we went in people said hi etc polite but distant which is totally fine but then when they found out I was the sister of their new Rev? They all came over and reintroduced themselves - it was kind of cute and made me feel like the sibling of a celeb - heh.

After the service we drove to my older brother's house and had lunch and then cake (with singing!!) and presents were opened. Then we all rushed back to the church for 3pm for the service in which my brother was ordained. That was pretty touching. Then after that it was coffee and sweets and then before we knew it it was 5:30 and we had to leave stat.

I also found out the church is like 2 or 3 blocks from my first serious boyfriend who I dated for 7 years. Well he no longer lives there but his dad does. Such deja vu driving around that town! On our way out of town a cop's cherries came on behind me but thankfully there turned out to be a car behind me I didn't see and he pulled him over - shew.

We made it home in pretty good time with going thru t dot. I think the roads were ok because most people were at super bowl parties etc. We quickly picked up some food for din and then home to eat it and put Keith to bed.

Monday - sucked cause it's Monday but was actually a relatively nice day weather wise and was surprising that the reno guy didn't come (turns out he was sick).

Tuesday - I don't even remember. I worked - I came home.

Wednesday - we woke up to every radio station freaking out because we were having an ICE STORM! ICE ICE EVERY WHERE ICE!! Except there wasn't. I mean we had freezing rain but it came down all crunchy so it wasn't really slippy. I took our car rather than the jeep as it has snow tires and I felt 100% fine driving it. The roads were sloppy and not really plowed but thankfully not slippy. So many people called out of work. A lot was child related as every single school and daycare closed. I actually found today to be worse - way more slippy. Suckers. I don't really mean that - I mean if you want to use a sick day for weather go for it! I'm still bitter I had to use 2 for actually being sick!

Speaking of being sick - I just drank tea! I rarely do that. But my stomach is not happy. It hasn't been right since last night's dinner. Keith made "pasta" and I put that in quotes cause he ordered his fake noodle shit and it honest to God tasted like rubber bands. I had like one bite - went back for more of the meat sauce and ate just the meat sauce. Keith ate my bowl of noodles (he had to be starving). But the meat sauce had actually burned while Keith was clearing ice from the driveway - he opines that may be why I keep burping up the sauce even a day later. It sucks getting old. Plus where did the ol' bullet proof belly go?

BUT tomorrow is Friday! I will have made it thru a 5 day work week! I just have to make it thru next week as well then I am on vacation for a week! But first things first - can't wish away my life! This weekend is a friend's b-day (T's bestie from highschool). We're most likely going to her party. I just have to figure out the driving situation. I would rather not so we can both drink so probably looking at cabbing it or hopefully asking T if they can do us a solid and give us a lift - even one way would be nice. We'll see.

A'ight I have got to go and get ready for bed. I can't remember if big bro was on tonight? I guess I'll find out when I turn on my tv.

The plow has gone by like 3x which is a record for our little road. First time was the doozie as it pushed all the ice crap at the end of our driveway, thankfully Keith was up and ran out and shovelled it. He said if he hadn't it would have froze and he would have been screwed in the morning as the corolla wouldn't have been able to get over it - he couldn't take a run at it cause the 2 lg trailers in our driveway are really taking up valuable space. But all is good. The plow just went by a few minutes ago and I geared up and ran out to find out that no new slush had been pushed on our driveway. So shew.

Okay for realsies - bedtime!

8:47 p.m. - 2019-02-07


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