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Birthday parties, antiquing and a little MFB

Another Sunday night. Well at least I don't have the Sunday night blues. I'm actually not dreading the work week ahead. Why not? I'm not sure but why don't I ramble on and find out?

I think I may be at a place where I am appreciating my job. This worries me because once you accept it and are happy....change is bound to happen and normally not for the best. However, I already know change is coming - big time. My job is implementing a new program to do our work -managers have been pulled off their jobs, new jobs have been created all to work on this new program. It's coming down the pipeline and for once I am not worried about it. I'm actually excited. When I came into my current job what 6 years ago? I'm bad with dates. I learned the system but only the bare minimum and the rest you learned as you went. Hopefully. Basically my training sucked. But with a new system we are all on a level playing field. I'm also starting to suspect this is half the reason the 30+ years people are not retiring they want to see the new system - I can't blame them but I can be pissy with them for standing in my way of the good vacation time!

Anyway those are my thoughts. Plus I'm also trying to recognize and be grateful for the job I do have. It pays great. It has some stress but if I'm honest it's very minimal. Yes it can be repetitive but I have 3 main parts to my job and if I can make sure to do all 3 in one day it varies my day up for me. Just doing one of the parts all day is what leads me to a break down and to being very angry. So let's keep the varying part up!

Also this week is my week before vacation which gives you a little spring in your step knowing you have that time off to look forward to. Plus it has the added benefit of being Valentines this week. Keith and I do acknowledge V-day but not in a traditional way. We exchange cards and sometimes a little gift that is thoughtful or sweet. We don't do grand romantic gestures. I have told him in the past not to get me roses as they die and the prices sky rocket. He does sometimes get me flowers but not roses. For me, I use it as an excuse to have seafood! Whether he makes it for me or we go out I don't care I just love it! This year we are going out to the lobster that is red! But the catch is we are going out tomorrow! So tomorrow is part one of our v-day! Why tomorrow? We talked this through. Thursday is V day which is Keith's heavy day at work and he is tired and more importantly cranky so that's a no go. Wednesday he goes to bed early for his Thursday so din out is a no go. Tuesday was the day we chose as he has Wed off so no big deal! But then we checked the weather and we are in for quite the dumping of snow starting Tuesday afternoon and going all night. So um....that's no fun. Then we were on the lobster website and it's all you can eat shrimp on Monday which is what Keith likes (I'm a lobster gal) so Monday it is! Cards and gifts will still be on Thursday though.

So my weekend. Friday was work - work was fine. Friday night I did um nothing? Saturday Keith wanted to take me to a new thrift store opening in the downtown area. They were having a preview day or what have you. So I got up at 9 and was doing dishes while waiting, listening to some tunes on Alexa when suddenly my music stopped for a few seconds and then the song "I'm going home" from Rocky Horror began to play. Keith. That man cracks me up. It was his way of telling me he was done work and on his way home! Well we drove over and the store was closed! They had changed the sign - no preview - just an opening date on v-day. We saw other people drive up as well so it wasn't just us. Stupid store. We then just went and did the rest of the errands we had already planned but added a thrift store in to replace the crappy new one.

Then it was home where we had lunch and then Keith decided to go for a nap - he was out for over 2 hours. I started getting ready for our night ahead. T text me that her guy could pick us up - he would come over around 6 and hang out with us and we'd head over around 7:30. Well he got to our house about 6:45 and we did head over around 7:30. We beat the b-day girl by like 5 minutes! It was a surprise party but turns out she already knew cause her friends weren't as stealth as they thought they were. It was a fun party though. People, food, drinking, laughing the usual stuff. I think we headed home around 2? Thankfully T's guy also dropped us off as they had decided not to spend the night after all. We saved like $40 in cab fare which was awesome. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

This morning I woke up and thought for sure we'd have a quiet day at home. Maybe venture out for lunch if I could convince Keith that I really needed a whopper (it was a joke because we talked about them so much at the party!). But it turns out Keith was up for more than that! First he gave me a small part of my v-day gift early (because it arrived on Saturday). It was MB's newest cd! That man knows me so well!! Normally I would have ordered it for myself but I just sort of forgot and for some reason didn't do it. Or maybe in the back of my mind I knew he would? Nah. I'm just for forgetful.

So we decided to go out so I could listen to the cd in my jeep (the only place I listen to cds) and we drove to a favourite antique warehouse and had lunch out (yes whoppers!) and then spent a few hours walking the warehouse and picking up a few bargains. Then home in time to put on dinner and chillax for a while. It was a pretty darn good weekend!

I have grand plans to NOT stay up late and get to bed early.......but we'll see how that goes cause I say that pretty much every night!

7:07 p.m. - 2019-02-10


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