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Reading Week Vacation

To finish off with old business: My cold is now all gone and I did indeed enjoy watching the new flix show and even binged it all already. It was Wanderlust. Although I didn't realize I was watching the last episode until near the end when I started thinking how neatly they were wrapping this whole show up - and *poof* show was done.

Keith and I just finished watching a new show as well - not really binging as it's taken us 2 weeks to watch 10 episodes. It's the Umbrella show on flix. Violent but pretty good. I say violent because last night my dreams were filled with useless violence after watching the last 2 shows in season 1.

So my vacay last week was a first. I went back to work feeling like I've been off longer than just a week - that normally does not happen. But I can only guess it was due to the fact I spent a LOT of time trapped at home and on those days I was up super early so my days were nice and long. Why was I trapped? In one word: Renovations. Our reno guy was unpredictable of when he would show up. Sometimes 8:30 sometimes 10. But as I never knew I made sure to be up, showered and dressed by 8am. He even came on Saturday! Dude did not want me to sleep in. But Keith and I did get away in the middle of the week, we went to the Falls and had a pretty cool hotel room overlooking the horseshoe falls - I could not stop taking pictures of them. I even sat up after Keith went to sleep, turned out all the lights and sat and stared at the beauty of them. They were amazing. I love that we have been going to the Falls at least 3 times a year (prob more) for over a decade and I still find them mesmerizing and stunning. I just wish the hotel room had a better jetted tub and that the hotel pool was deeper and bigger - we probably won't go back to that hotel for those reasons but view wise it's in the top 5.

But that overnight visit was a nice little getaway. Much needed.

This week our house is still being worked on and I signed papers, when asked, for the finance company saying the work is done and I berated myself all night for doing that. Our reno guy anticipates being done this week and said that the papers were just to start the process and I still had to sign off on the completion of the house so I feel marginally better. I just hate being a people pleaser. Ugh. I guess as long as they don't start charging us before All the work is done it will be fine. They repeated that in their presentation several times - you don't pay until ALL the work is complete. But we did sign up almost 6 months ago so they are probably getting antsy but they didn't start the work til January so it's not our fault.

Tomorrow I am doing a 'fit test' at work. Our employer offers an incentive to be in shape. I did it last year and it was hard. I told myself I would work hard and be SO in shape for next year. Yah - I'm pretty sure I'm in worse shape than I was last year at this time! I have motivational problems. And probably mental ones too but let's not go there. I was going to not do the fit test but my work buddy talked me into it. I guess you can't 'fail' and you pay up front $50 for the assessment but get it back. I can't remember the rest right now but somewhere along the way my employer pays me for being in shape. I really have to make time to read the fine print.

I feel like am so busy at work now. I mean I now socialize a lot more than I did say 5 years ago. I've become quite good friends with the woman who sits beside me - we laugh so much. Truthfully she probably helps me keep my sanity. My workplace is getting bad. We're having union meetings and a rally is planned. My employer is not being very nice to it's work force at the moment.

Oh and just to end on a lighter note - last week while being shackled to the house I did a LOT of reading. I had stacks of magazines that went back to 2017 and I'm sure the reno guy did wonder as every time he walked into the house I had my nose buried in a different magazine while playing some 80 tunes in the background. When I got sick of the magazines I would take a break and read a book. I got a LOT of reading done. I guess you could call it my reading week vacation!

7:55 p.m. - 2019-02-27


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