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Sunday evenings are for sloths

The reno's to the house are done.....sort of. We finally got our big picture window in on Friday and then on Saturday he came back and put the finishing touches on everything. Now he just has to clean up - there are ladders and planks of wood and debris all over and around our house. He is coming Monday to pick it all up and take one of his trailers back with him. The debris trailer will stay for....a while? He didn't specify but he wanted to keep it here until the frozen debris unfreezes and he can make sure everything gets hauled away - fair enough. We have room in our driveway. As long as he takes one trailer we will be happy.

The front window looks exactly like our last one. I can only shake my head at how little I cared when we ordered them. I am happy with it though. It's not broken and both sides actually open. Plus there is a lifetime guarantee on the hardware so if any parts break we can call and get them replaced for free (that's what happened to our last window it stopped opening on one side). Also all the windows fit much better than the previous ones. I can't wait to look at my house from the outside when the trailers go away - I can't get a good view of it all just yet.

On Saturday both Keith and I hid out in the bedroom all day while the contractor worked in the living room. There was no where else for us to go! We ate lunch in there, watched tv and just basically lived in the room! My dad called at one point that morning to say Hi and just let us know how proud he was of us for doing all the renos to our house. It was an unexpected but nice call.

After the contractor left around 4 we made plans for dinner - wings and pizza! We had a $50 wing gift card for over a year that we finally decided to use. The tough part was finding something to watch that both of us would be interested - finally we decided on a flix show - russian doll I think it was called. I had watched the first 2 episodes and was meh about it but then I realized I had been upset that another show hadn't been picked up so I decided to give this one another chance. Keith and I binged all 8 episodes! It was worth it.

Today we went out - freedom - I wanted to get a few things for my mom and sil's b-days this month. Oh - side story - my brother text me last night asking if I had ever sent an email to the pizza place regarding his son's b-day (you know the one where I was pissed because they let a little boy down and couldn't be bothered to sing happy birthday to him). Anyway I figured something must have happened as this was over a month ago. I told him I had and asked why? He said they went there last night and the manager came over and apologized and gave them 50% off their bill! I had also told my brother how I had refused the manger's offer of a gift card. I thought it was interesting how the manager had put it all together since I hadn't used any names etc. Good for the manager!

Anyway back to the birthday planning this month. Monday is my mom's birthday and then next Sunday is my sil's. Currently the plan is for us to go down next weekend and celebrate both - but we'll see how it goes! Things change fast.

And just to finish with old business, I did indeed do my Fit test for work again this year. And it was just as hard as I remember it. I had to "Step" for 3 minutes - getting my blood pressure before and after, do as many push ups in a minute as I could, Plank for as long as I could and wall sit for as long as I could (and let me just say wall sitting is so damn hard) and a flex test. I did poor in wall sitting, but passed the others. I got an excellent for my step and another one - my employer added a mental component and we had to name 5 ways or programs that were available to us for mental health issues. I'm not gonna lie I learned of them that day and then repeated them over and over to myself. My total score added up to "Fair" which equal $180 so not bad at all for 20 minutes of over exerting myself. Although I totally felt it for the next 2 days because I am that out of shape.

Back to the house renos. Keith and I now have to figure out 'what next'. We figure it's window coverings for most of the rooms. The kitchen and spare room especially - also the living room. We have to start measuring and looking. The kitchen had like a dust ruffle or whatever those things are called that actually aren't a curtain. But we want to get something for them now - the windows are all a bit bigger than the old ones. I should research that on my lunch tomorrow and show Keith while out on our date night (chiro and dinner). We're also talking about new kitchen cabinets but that will depend on if we see anything that would fit the area and our budget at Ikea. I love the idea of new cabinets but we'll see. I"m also digging our counters not being so cluttered! I have 4 aloe plants and I don't know what to do with them. I need to get rid of 3. They grow like a weed!

Alright time to go and chillax. I'm trying to clean all the shows of mine off the pvr(s). We are getting a new system on Wednesday. A week or so ago we got a house call from our current provider who upgraded our cable and phone and internet and took $100 off our monthly bill. Apparently we've been paying way too much for our services. It's not even a scam. I've said to Keith a few times that we should call and ask to speak to someone about our services because the way my co-workers talk they all pay way less than we do.

This entry was brought to you by lack of motivation and will power on a Sunday night! Also just like everyone else who gets snow and ice and ice and snow I am totally DONE with winter. Enough is enough - bring on the Spring!

7:23 p.m. - 2019-03-03


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