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Competitive much?

Okay this once a month updating has got to stop! I would love to blame it on the busyness of my life but that would be a lie. The computer is to blame. It works fine I just have a habit of ignoring it until it's my bedtime - or beyond my bedtime more like it. I used to write most of my updates at work and then copy and paste but I now spend pretty much every spare moment chatting with my cubicle neighbour. We talk and laugh A LOT. I have to remind myself to turn around and work some days - they aren't paying me to show up and chat with co-workers for 8 hours!

So let's see what's been going on since my last entry. I was excited to get my haircut but that never happened. A huge watermain break happened downtown and the place had to shut down. So did my work building which I think I have mentioned never happens. But my work peeps had freedom for the day. I was actually happy for them.

But funny enough last week me and my 2 cohorts at work put on a staff luncheon - 2 sittings one at noon the other at one. The first group sat down and 5 minutes into the lunch the power went out in the building. Fast forward an hour and the power was still out so my 2 cohorts and I walked down the 5 flights of stairs to wait for the arrival of the food for the second lunch and watched as everyone began to leave as we were told the office had closed. The food arrived, we carried it up the stairs and then divvied up the food to whoever would take it home! What a disaster. But silver lining the office closed on a beautiful day and since it was a Wednesday I got to spend the day out and about with my husband!

Speaking of out and about we have been out and abouting WAY too much lately. We have to reign it in. Ever since we cleared most of our debt (ie taxes) we have been going out to antique stores and thrift stores and just spending money. To most people it's probably not a lot but to us who have been broke the last several years it seems excessive. Plus we are bringing home (really cool) stuff and the last thing we need is more stuff. We have been hitting this one antique place a lot the last couple months cause they are going out of business and are in liquidation mode. We had our eye on a few things so we kept going back. But since it closed as of today we are safe. We did go out quite a bit this long weekend but we're blaming birthday shenanigans. Keith's birthday is next week so we were living it up this weekend.

Speaking of living it up, on Friday I was supposed to go out and meet up with T and a few of her friends at a nearby bar another friend was playing at. They went on at 9pm so I figured around 9:30ish I would be heading over to meet them. It was almost 11 by the time T text me that her and the drunk girls were heading over and I could meet up with them. Well I jumped into my pj's and stayed in for the night! Those girls drunk are a force to be reckoned with and me being sober would be more than I could handle. Plus I had a splitting headache and an iffy belly from tummy trouble that morning (before my massage so that was fun!). All in all I do not regret staying home and being a party pooper!

Plus last weekend on the mother's day weekend I went to my friend's birthday party on Friday and got my drink on then and had plenty of partying fun. Although getting up Saturday morn to trek back home and get Keith to head out to visit my fam was a little rough. This getting older I tell ya.

Speaking of money Keith and I received a phone call from his dad about a month ago. That weekend we visited him and he told us he wanted to give all 5 of his kids some money from the sale of the house. He knew some of his kids could use the money and he wanted to do this. He then gave us a cheque for $10,000. We were floored. And very grateful. |Like I said we are doing better financially. We got $27,000 worth of house renovations and will be paying them off for the next few years. We had a plan that once the jeep was paid off we would throw the money from that towards the house - the financing plan we got allows for chunks of payments with no penalties or anything stupid like that. Now we have decided to basically put most of the money down on the house renos to get them paid off even faster. I am still so nervous to say outloud that we are doing fine financially. I feel like I will jinx it. Plus I know how fast things can change. I am beyond grateful of where we are at but I am never without caution when looking at our future. One day at a time.

I have been sucking out loud about going to the gym AND eating healthier. I finally stepped on the scale last week and lo and behold gained weight and inches! Who knew NOT working out and NOT eating healthy would have this affect? Meanwhile my husband has been taken off his diabetes meds. He is on one med for his kidneys I believe. Oh the thoughts and emotions I have about this. I am my own worst enemy. Rather than compete with my husband I give up - shut down. And yes it is a competition. I hate to lose. Just as an example let me tell you of a word game I have on my phone. I put the app on my phone as a brain exercise. Letters are scrambled and in each game you make words. I love this game. But then I found out they do a tournament on the weekends. The more you play the more points you get - the more points the higher up in the competition you go. If you are in the top 10 you win points. Points buy you hints when the puzzle has stumped you. Every weekend I tell myself I won't play and then before I know it Sunday night I am glued to my phone playing nonstop to get in to the top 5. Why? Because I am competitive!!! I don't even need the points I earn! I just like to win. So rather than go to the gym and win at losing weight and being healthier I do this. I have to change. I know this. I've been saying it for years.

I would be there now.....except it's a holiday and it's closed.

To end on a less depressing note I did finally get my hair cut! I even got off more than I had thought - about 3 inches and a bit. It is above my shoulders. The girl who cut it straightened the crap out of it so I went to work the next day (and to S' party) and people could not stop raving about it. Which only made me laugh cause it will never look that way again. I may straighten it but not like she did - I barely recognized myself! Luckily most mornings I get up and either throw gel into it to make it have some major curl or if I"m feeling lazy let it airdry and be mostly straight with a bit of a curl to it. Straightening is for going out fun times only - ain't nobody have time for that nonsense on a work day!

8:39 p.m. - 2019-05-20


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