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Birthday boy

I am horrible with dates this month! I was making mistakes at work when talking to people - saying stuff like 'oh you faxed that in last week' and they are like "no I faxed it on Monday". I am apparently way ahead of myself this month or just really trying to get to June!

Today is Keith's birthday. I offered to take yesterday off with him and we'd go do something but we were both stumped on what we would do. You see we did a LOT on the weekend. Went to a lot of our favourite places and even though we like to wander and take a drive, doing it on a Wednesday just isn't the same. Plus he had an eye appointment. Turns out his eyes are quite bad. He has some damage with the diabetes. I again stated how weird it was since I the one with bad blood sugar show almost no signs - nerve damage, bad eyes that he does. He then said I think your family has bodies built for diabetes. He may be right.

Anywho so I didn't take yesterday off but I did leave work early today. I came home and we spent a few hours hanging out. I gave him his remaining gifts (small thrift store items I knew he'd get a kick out of) and a scratch card that won $20. We then played on his Switch system for about an hour with a new game he bought with his b-day coupon from the store. It was pretty entertaining. Then he bbq'd steak and we had a great dinner. I then surprised him with a 'cake'. I bought a fancy cupcake put it on a plate and surrounded it with the chocolate he allows himself to eat and gummies then put some candles on it all. Pretty creative if I do say so myself. The guy didn't even take one bite of the cupcake! It was pretty delicious. BTW the real gift I gave him was a t shirt I had made a couple weeks ago it says "Cheese the glue that holds my life together". He wore it on the weekend and so many people loved it. I also gave him a few different small blocks of cheese and special meats along with a few coolers he now drinks. That man is mega hard to buy for!

I went to the gym last night. I mean the gym was right beside the place I was buying the cupcake from. So I went in did a short workout and felt great. I had planned on going tonight but the birthday boy wouldn't go to bed til like 8! So I went for a walk instead. Plus not to be tmi my tummy was giving me a bit of an issue so I didn't want to wander far from home.....just in case. I think the tum felt guilty for leaving work - or most likely my meds reacting to the food I had today.

I can't read. Ok I can read what I mean is I can't get into any book lately! I tried on the weekend to sit outside and almost succeeded but I blame my neighbour for coming over and dragging me to her house to look at 50 beige paint samples and help her choose 3. It was brutal. But yah I have 2 books going and I have 2 I need to read - bookclub and an author who is coming to our local library. I really hope I get my reading mojo back soon.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Short week but it never feels like it. I'm hoping we'll go to the movies this weekend to see the Pokeman movie. Ryan R is the voice. Keith wanted to wait til the VIP had it but with the Affinity movie going on that's not gonna happen. Regular non reclining seats it is.

We might also drive to a couple towns nearby that are having yard sales. The whole town has their yard sales on the same day. Kind of cool. But now the weather is forecasting rain for Saturday so it may not happen.

Alright time to shut down this computer and get to bed. I got very little sleep last night. Finally the house is cooling off. Time to shut the windows and call it a night!

9:21 p.m. - 2019-05-23


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