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Boy am I grumpy. That's a lie. I'm PMS'ing but grumpy sounds more relatable. I warned Keith on Friday that I was heading into the emotional rollercoaster of the joys of being a woman. I then proceeded to come home Saturday and nearly burst into tears as I told him about being cut off by an assh0le driver who then took my spot when I went to get coffee so I just left and thus the near crying jag. Then today I freaked the f*ck out on Keith's head when we were just heading out for the day - nearly ruining the day. Then at Old Navy I spilled coffee on my shirt and a shirt I was about to buy. Spoiler alert I didn't buy it. I did wipe the coffee off and in doing so realized the shirt was pretty see thru - why do they make shirts so see thru these days??? So then I bought a long sleeve clearance top for $5 and replaced my coffee stained out. I swear the store one wasn't stained cause I would have bought it out of guilt if it was.

So yah that's my weekend. I did go out with a friend yesterday evening. She invited me to this 'hand crafted' fair her yoga teacher was holding. So basically a fair where everything is super expensive. I spent $20 buying a couple things and a few dollars more for some frozen raspberry yogurt that was to die for. It was a fun evening. I had been invited to a girls drinking night as well. I was invited last weekend but I knew I'd only go if T did as they are really her friends. She was sick and didn't know if she'd make it. Yesterday at 3 she text me she was going and I just wasn't in the mood. I grappled with that decision all afternoon. Finally I decided I just didn't want to go and drink and sleep on a couch or a floor and feel like crap all day today. So instead I went out with other friend, met her mother who had a stroke and is sweet to everyone but can be a monster with her daughter then I came home and just chilled with Keith til bed at 11. I didn't even go over to my neighbours to sit by their fire when I was invited. Again I knew I would stay out way past my bedtime.

Not that I did all that much today. We have a new transit system in our city that opened this weekend. Light rail transit. The construction for the last 4 years has been brutal and so many delays. But this weekend they finally opened it and have free rides for a week. We decided what the hell we'd jump on and ride the rails for a bit. This was when the freak out happened on the way to the mall to catch the train. But we got on with little fan fare found a spot to sit and enjoyed the next 45 minutes to get to the mall which is 15 minutes away if we had driven ourselves. We did go into the mall - the coffee stained shirt drama - walked around for a bit then went to get the train back home. There were some delays, some closures and talk about getting off half way thru to take the bus back but somehow it all worked out and we stayed on the train and made it home.

I did eventually a couple hours later finally get to sit outside in the sunshine with my new book - I met the author on Thursday at the library event where she spoke about her new book that is on a lot of 'must reads' this summer including lady O so that's cool. She was very nice and she said to my friend and I "I know you don't I?" Funny because we've heard that before. Her book is pretty good. I'm about half way thru. It's called the Last Resort by Marissa [email protected] Nice lady too.

Now I should go and do a little cleaning. My bedroom looks like a clothing store threw up - clothes everywhere! I wish I was exaggerating. I'm also trying not to stare at the car out front of my house. We believe our neighbours may have an illegal apartment in their basement - we watched them work on it a couple months ago - now this woman parks in front of our house comes and goes in that house without talking to anyone who lives their it seems. It's the parking in front of our house that pisses us off. Why? Logically speaking there's no real answer except it's 24/7 and I'm sick of seeing her car. I did park there on Saturday but we had gone out before she came back to claim 'her' spot which ranked the ol' temper up a few notches.

Alright I am going to go find some chocolate in this house before I go out and slash her tires. I jest......mostly.

8:17 p.m. - 2019-06-23


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