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Saying goodbye to Sunday sucks

My feet are cold. A vent is blowing on them. We've had the AC off all day - more on that in a bit. But first a quick re-cap of my vacay with friend S. As per usual I was late picking her up by about half an hour - but she got me back but having us run an errand that took an hour out of our vacay because her guy refuses to drive. I can't even go there. She's a saint.

Anywho we made our way slowly to our destination - Fort Erie this year - with many stops along the way. The hotel we stayed at was quite nice. The only complaint I had was having no fridge in the room. We had an amazing beach day on the Thursday and spent at least 9 hours at the beach. We are serious when it comes to water and lazing around. The beach charges $5 admission but we showed up early and got in free. I need to write that city a letter tho cause they tried to charge me $5 later when I went to use the washroom. So you just want me to pee in the water? I asked the poor girl at the entrance. I mean seriously. The beach was quite packed with a lot of people wearing the American Flag and then we realized it was the 4th of July and the border was within minutes of where we were staying. I'm a little sad we didn't think to go out to the water front and watch the fireworks 10 minutes down the road that night. But we were both so sunburned and tired from our lazy day!

The 2 night 3 days vacay always seems to go so fast. Before I knew it I was dropping S off and hitting the highway. I did get home at a decent time to see K and have dinner with him so that was a bonus. I'll be seeing S in a couple weekends when T and I go down to visit her.

Seriously - my toes are about to fall off!

This past weekend was my neighbours annual summer party. This years theme was old toys are something like that. Keith and I dressed up like those army parachute men. We sort of half assed it cause originally we were going to be head to toe in military gear and some awesome parachutes attached to our backs. But it was going to be a sweltering day, there is no prize and I am too old to be hot and cranky at a party. So we wore less military gear and our parachutes looked kind of pathetic. They were sheets with rope tied to them and us. We did make a loop at the top of our hats and attached the rope so that was pretty cool. People were pretty creative this year. Although our 'doll' backfired. We found this doll at a thrift store that had army fatigues on and we attached a parachute to her but I realized afterward we just looked like a couple who doesn't have kids carrying around a doll. Yah we were probably talked about at the party! We ditched the doll fairly early. My idea at the last minute had been to mark her up and carry her in on a stretcher but Keith didn't think that was funny.

The party was good. As always we are starving by the time the food is ready - around 7 - most people are. There are chips and cookies and everything being feverishly passed around up until the minute she says the food is ready. All the food is cooked outside and prepared by everyone there. Carrots, potatoes, onions, corn on the cob and cabbage along with sausage is cooked on the large fire. It takes a few hours but it is damn tasty. Dessert is boiled apples and spices and then cookie crumbs are placed over it along with icecream (that was our contribution cause we live across the street and she can save freezer room).

I was feeling pretty good - ie buzzed for most of the afternoon and then after dinner - sober. Keith on the other hand boy was he feeling the booze. By 9:30 he had the rough tired boozy voice and was getting on my nerves - drunk people do when I'm sober. I finally sent him home not to long after that cause he started closing his eyes - he had been up since 3am for work that day so it was understandable. He stumbled off home to bed. The neighbours always wind up the party with outside movie shorts there were 4 for this year - the 3rd one was messed up and just plain weird. WAY too weird for young children not sure what my neighbour was thinking. She does emphasise this party is not for children but your children are welcome - way to bring it home with this movie short! Not surprisingly all adults packed up their kids after that one and didn't stay for the cute toy story short - they were probably like damn these shorts are gonna cause nightmares! T and her brood left then too. I stayed and then when my neighbour wanted me to join the other fire (propane fire) with the few ppl who were left I declined and let her know I was heading out. I was happy to get out of there by 12:30. Normally it's like 3am. But her friends weren't people I knew and one woman was all weepy and was on a stress claim from work and hell if she found out where I worked she'd probably hate me. Maybe she did know cause the few times we passed each other through out the day and made eye contact she never smiled and just sort of looked at me weirdly. I was drinking so maybe this annoyed her? Anywho I booked it home and was in bed by 1am - yes!

I woke up around 9:30 this morning after an amazing sleep to find Keith on the couch. He had slept in the spare room which I had thought weird but knew he was drunk and there was stuff all over the main bed so I wasn't too surprised. Turned out this was a very good thing. He got sick. More than once. And didn't quite make it to the bathroom. He spent the whole day doing laundry. He's now realized he can't drink anymore. Whatever he has done to help his diabetes - very little carbs etc has altered him and now if he drinks more than 2 drinks he throws up. This is the 3rd time and each time we sort of chalked it up to different things but now there's no denying it. So while he felt crappy all day I felt 110% go figure!

As for the reason our AC is on so cold we had it off all day to 'air out' the spare room. Thank God my husband can take care of himself and isn't a wimp like me. If that had happened to me I would have woken him up and been all pathetic so he'd take care of me and then he would have cleaned up after me. I do not have the stomach for that stuff. He knows it so he toughs it out. I did go out grocery shopping and get us dinner and then even bbq'd for us - so I'm not all that useless!

Alright time to log off and watch some BB then hit the sack. Saying goodbye to Sunday sucks.

8:41 p.m. - 2019-07-14


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