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August take your time

August. I guess we are on the downswing of summer - but don't tell the weather that. It's Friday - of a long weekend. I worked a full 5 days this week and luckily it went by fast. Next week will be 4 days thanks to holiday Monday then Keith and I are off for a week.

I went to the gym tonight. I went to leave the house a little after 7 and watched a fire truck pull up, then a cop car and then an ambulance. They went to my neighbours house but after the initial rush into the house they were all moving at a regular pace and the fire truck left. My other neighbour came over to talk about it. Not sure what happened but it didn't seem too serious so that's good. I then went to the gym which made it 3 times this week. A record. Seriously. I did weigh myself the other day and was the same - I told Keith this and he sort of made the face like 'huh wow really?'. Which then made me do a double take and ask him what he meant? Do I look like I"ve gained weight? He said the smart man thing 'no' and then explained that we both have been eating less than healthy and combined with my lack of exercise it was just kind of surprising it stayed the same. I kind of had to agree with him.

So last weekend T got me all cranky with her lack of commitment in leaving for our girls trip. She effed up my plans for Saturday by not communicating on when she'd be able to come over - she knew she just didn't tell me. Keith couldn't believe it but I just shook my head and said this is what I deal with. He wonders why I sometimes rage about how annoying my friends are but now he actually gets it. Him and I managed to go out and at least grab lunch together before I headed out of town with T.

I drove and we stopped a couple places before checking into our hotel around 3. We walked to a nearby grocery store and got snacks then headed back to the hotel to swim. S offered to pick us up to head to the theatre but they had to be there an hour early so we declined and swam and had our subs for dinner and then took our time getting ready. We then walked to the theatre not realizing how far it was and how hot it was out. I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard - this is why T and I are still friends - she can me laugh! We got to the theatre with one minute to spare - seriously - we were sweating in our seats for the first 15 minutes trying to cool down. The play was.....interesting. Not quite what I had expected and listening to S sing badly I had to giggle. She knows she can't sing but doesn't care. There was 7 of us so we jumped into cars and headed downtown to a tent and had very expensive drinks and listened to a woman sing - she was good but she got loud at times. Then we headed back to S' place and hung out there where we devoured like 3 bags of chips cause we were all starving by 11. I was also very buzzed. Then an 8th person joined and others left and before we knew it, it was 1:30 so S and her guy offered to drive us home with a stop at a very well known part of town that is knowing for it's bars. T had always wanted to go so go we did! We got there just at last call and each had one drink. I was more than buzzed by that point. I left with a glass and a birthday balloon (both not mine). I got a lot of b-day wishes which I graciously accepted. Ha.

T and I got back to the hotel safe and sound - had our snacks then hit the hay. I woke up with a wicked headache that actually went away on it's own. We made bacon and eggs for breakfast cause our hotel had an awesome kitchenette. I asked them for a late check out. S came over and shared breakfast and then we had a quick swim before checking out. We did a bit of shopping before T and I hit the road around 2. I felt a little bad as S thought we were going to the free bbq with her. But T and I both wanted to get home plus it was hot as balls out and even though I wasn't hung over per-se I was dang tired.

Over all I would call the weekend a success.

As for this long weekend I have no idea what Keith and I will get up to. Normally we always have plans and are always booked for weekends and I think our lack of plans is freaking Keith out. He mentioned it the other night. I told him it was intentional. He always complained we did too much and he had no down time. Plus the whole family situation with everyone in the process of moving and just moved and vacations has left me uncertain about visiting my family. I hope once everyone is more settled I will feel...more settled. Okay I'm rambling now. Time for bed. Okay tv and then bed, who am I kidding it's the weekend!

10:34 p.m. - 2019-08-02


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