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I just came in from sitting outside. It's getting dark out and I'm wearing a sweater. This week was sweltering then today the humidity broke. I'm ok with that. They say that summer isn't over just taking a break - I'll take that.

I left work early today. I'm having issues with my back. On vacation I had a bit of a sore back which I blamed on the different beds we were sleeping in - also sharing a queen - Keith and I don't share too well. I went back to work Monday and by 4:30 I was feeling quite bad. I don't want to say in pain but I guess it was low level pain in my mid back - luckily it was also our date night - dinner and chiro. I felt better after the adjustment and my chiro did say I was pretty bad - worse than Keith which is very rare. Then the rest of the week my back just continued to get worse - apparently it does not like sitting in an office chair for 8 hours a day. I am off tomorrow on a vacation day and I have a massage so I'm really hoping he helps my back because being in pain like this is debilitating. I rested all afternoon outside on our deck and read my book and felt okay-ish. We then went to pick up a few groceries and these spasms of pain came in waves as I walked in the store. I was definitely - am definitely in pain. Getting older sucks.

So our vacation went by as fast as it normally does - in a blink of an eye. We started out in T dot at my family reunion. I was beyond irked by the family running it this year. I was so impressed as she had an itinerary and even communicated it to the family. Games - auction and then dinner at 5. But at 3 she decided 'everyone was hungry' and started putting out the food. And the auction again was drawn out for like 2 hours with crap people found in their houses. I suggested in an email a table with smaller stuff and people could just pay a few dollars for what they wanted to buy rather than auction the crappy stuff nobody wanted. That didn't happen even though she thought it was a 'great' idea. Just not impressed. Then I told my sil that she should host it at my brother's church next year - and guess what happened? She offered to host it! My power of suggestion sometimes makes me shake my head. I never come out and tell people what to do I just sort of suggest it 'off the cuff' and it happens. The big one was when my nephew got christened in my dad's old church before they tore it down. I thought it would be cool if he was the last baby christened there and said as much and 'boom' it happened. I doubt anyone remembers it was me that suggested it. That's okay.

Wow that was a tangent. Anywho after the reunion Keith and I stayed at a hotel nearby that we both really like. We didn't do any tourist things - we had considered a boat tour but the day we were going to drive down there was a huge accident on the 401 on our route and we decided to kibosh it. Instead we packed up and headed to our next destination - blue mountain. We spent 3 nights in the mountain area. It felt like a resort except that you had to pay for every single thing you did so it got expensive. As I said it was a great place to bring your family but you had to be willing to shell out the bucks. We did the beach one day. We explored the city on another. Oh we also explored the scenic caves which was a lot of walking up mountains and thru rough terrain but was quite fun. I did get some down time at the pool which was nice as well. Keith can't sit still and he doesn't like to sit outside nor does he really like to swim ever since his knees got bad. Instead he went for a walk up the mountain which turns out made his legs pretty sore (yah think?). That evening we both went up the mountain - in the gondola cause I'm smart. Thursday we packed up and headed to visit my brother and his family in their new home. Chaos. That's really all I got to describe those 4 days with them. New house. New puppy. Many boxes still unpacked. But we still had a good time with them. We went to a rib fest one day and I picked the worst vendor and wanted to cry and throw a tantrum at how awful the service and food was but I'm an adult so I couldn't do that. I did get a free massage by a college of massage therapists that were giving out free 15 minute massages. Mine was almost 30 minutes as nobody was getting massages and my girl kept working on my stiff muscles. I was ok with that. I've learned over the years that when we stay with my bro I have to get away at least once on my own - sometimes with Keith. My sil is hard to describe I love her to death and she is never pushy but she also never communicates what her plan is even when I ask her point blank. She doesn't share. I think part of it may be that she doesn't know but I know there is part of her that just doesn't want to tell you. This drives me ape shit so I try and be 'go with the flow' when we are with them but eventually I have to take off and do something for myself so I don't get pissy. This time I went to a sale at one of my stores. Turned out to be a great sale so I was glad I got away for the hour.

One of my favourite memory of the visit was swimming with my older nephew D. It was around 8 and we were the only 2 in the pool and we were diving for rings. We were both wearing goggles and we had so many laughs and it was just one of those times you look back on and smile. I had a similar experience with the younger nephew when it just was the 2 of us in the pool and we were volleying the ball back and forth. But that was more short lived as others came in the pool and he got upset and the game ended. One on one they are great, together they are too competitive.

Sunday afternoon Keith and I headed home. Vacation over. No swimming with T this week she cancelled. Next week is just before the long weekend so not sure we'll swim as I know Keith and I are going away to a wedding so normally I need to prep. The week after I won't be able to swim. I'm on vacation - solo - and heading away for a couple days like I did last year. I'll be getting back on the Thursday and I'm sure my hubby will want to spend time with me esp as I'll be seeing the girls on the Friday night for my b-day celebrations. Yup my birthday month will be kicking off!

Speaking of birthday I told Keith what I wanted this year. A laptop. I told him I hate using 'our' computer - basically our tv as the screen and sitting awkwardly in the living room typing on the wireless keyboard that I'm not fond of. My only stipulation for the laptop was that I needed to be able to type comfortably on it. Basically he can't go out and get one for me we need to go together and I need to be that annoying person typing away to see if I like it or not. Oh yah my 2nd request for a present was for the living room curtains to be hung - we've had the new ones for a few months so I don't think I'm being too demanding!

Tomorrow I have 3 appointments. I start off with my diabetes specialist and I am dreading this appointment. I have not lost any weight. I don't even want to think about it. After that appointment I have a massage - please please let him be able to help my back! Then I have a hair appointment. All this before noon. I need a few inches cut off my hair. I'm not giving myself much time between the massage and hair so hopefully I can make it happen.

The rest of the weekend remains to be seen depending on how my back is. Oh I forgot to mention how bad I feel for my bro and his family! My sil had dental surgery yesterday - put under - and is in pain. At the same time the younger nephew got one of his really bad ear aches (he has problems with his ears). And my brother has this massive bruise although it's red so is that a bruise? on his leg that just keeps getting worse. He fell when I was down. He was walking around his pool towards me as I called him and Keith over to look over at this massive caterpillar and he slipped and went down hard - he half went in the pool. He was carrying a glass at the time that broke (now we know why no glass by the pool!). I was concerned with him getting cut or landing on glass but thankfully he was fine with that part. Just his whole upper thigh is one massive bruise.

Alright this is getting extra long and I need to catch up on my buddylist and then watch some big bro and then hopefully sleep - pain free and be well rested for all my appointments!

8:28 p.m. - 2019-08-22


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